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Jack Barry who was born on April 17th

Born a day before me he was Aries all firey–

He was a great friend and artist indeed.

He took me to lunch when I first came

To the “Artist Hut”.

Yes, Jack had a studio in Flamingo Park

Next to railroad tracks where dogs barked.

He did all kinds of style painting–

Fresco he was known for—

I have his one big painting by my door.

He was a great storyteller and a U.S. Vet-

He had a very interesting life of all the people

I have met.

I inherited his butterfly necklace people do see–

When I wear it around my neck all sparkly.

Thanks Jack for being a friend to me.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 30, 2015

Poem Dedicated to Jack Barry

April 17, 1948- Aug. 7, 2013




Melodie lost her underwear in Cancun…


Who would of guessed?

she was soaking up the sun…

then a storm came through-

she didn’t know what to do…

So she hid under a tree,

yes, Zac, Monica Razel and Melodie!!!

Then when things mellowed out–

she realized she had a cool aid stain

that needed Shout It Out!

So she went for a bath in the sink…

she forgot–

I didn’t think–

she lost her underwear in the sink…

Now she only wears socks with her dress

no one cares for she’s a doll with no chest!

Written on April 30, 2015 by Suzae Chevalier

Ta-Shieka My Pup – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Barking, barking your cute little bark-

I found you on a prayer and a lark.

You were a traveling “runaway pup”
who made your home anywhere

you’ld end up.

You were my birthday present

in 1993-

Straight from Kansas in the middle of wheat.

Now, I’m so happy

you became my pet

all those years I’ll never forget.

All the memories of running

in the fields

like when I sprained my ankle

you kneeled at my heels.

Making sure I was home & safe

I return the love in so many ways.

Now it’s sad that I was not with you

if I would of known earlier

I would of flew

flew up to see you.

One last precious time

to say “I love you pup” and

my say last goodbye…

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 4, 2011

Bing’s Clambake Golf Trophy

Precious gift that held Bourbon Whiskey for BingSuzaeBirthday 127

‘White Christmas’ at Christmastime he did sing.

This gift is a “1972” trophy for golf

I protect it in case it does get lost.

See when Chucky was alive

he hung out with Bing and they did all sorts of things.

Like boxing, going to the pool hall

this was always in the city of St. Paul.

See Bing went into incognito

never dressing up in a tuxedo

but drinking he never did ditto.

See Chucky stopped drinking but Bing did not,

He said “Chucky, I’m going to drink every last shot”.

Including the Whiskey Bourbon made in Clermont Kentucky

in the 31st Clambake Trophy I got from dear friend Chucky.

Since Chucky is gone the trophy has moved on

to many places like my friend’s Minneapolis condo.

I had it retrieved when a friend used a duplicate key

to get it back in my possession for me.

Then Clambake Trophy I did lend

to another longtime friend

staying on a refrigerator in Wisconsin “Cheese Land”

Now I finally have Trophy back again

reminding me of Bing and Chucky our friend.

Written on Feb.13,2011 by Suzae Chevalier


Robert Santiago Likes My Act…Candice West Photographs


Comedy Cruise Lines judges had eyes on me–

performing with Razel not Melodie.

Miami Herald photographer Candice West

took photo that was in color, not like the rest.

Interviewed by the Miami Herald that day

Robert Santiago like what Razel had to say.

At the Improve Comedy Club in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel

I got to make the judges laugh and Razel did quite well.

I told Robert, “I live my life on the edge–

I look forward to this” Enough said.

Robert Santiago emailed me later that day–

said “You are off the chain–

Thanks Robert, improv is what I do–

my act never the same!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 23, 2015



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASun shining brightly in the sky

Jim is watching with keen eye.

For he notices props set up for audience to see

used in “Sarah’s Special Birthday” reading.

Palm Beach photographer shows up soon

taking photos at high noon.

Children wear costumes with wands in hand

bringing magic to Krendoll land.

Melodie pops out of box

she is happy with no socks.

Now Razel doesn’t show her face

Happy story — she has no place.

Then UniCandle unicorn lights the cake

making children anticipate–

for there is magic in the air–

will Sarah Star receive her present

with moon beam glare?

Happy ending does unfold

Sue Chevalier the storyteller just had told

A rhyming poem with characters with special powers

This all happened within an hour.

Books where signed on the spot

along with photos that where shot

to capture the happy memories

of this day in Lake Worth city.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 6, 2011

Lady Gaga Meets Suzae

With white sparkly hair
you see her flare
up on center stage we all stare.

Now what is Rich
doing emailing pics to share
to Lady Gaga of Suzae
so cavalier?

Why the Lady herself thought
in a strange kind of way
she somehow resembled Suzae.

Now as far as Rich is concerned
Gaga thought Rich looked like her
Italian boyfriend minus the sideburns.

Wouldn’t it be funny when Gaga’s tour ends
on Suzae’s birthday they would become friends?

Written by Suzae Chevalier in 2011




The Lake Worth Herald records events in Lake Worth town

Mark Easton works hard making sure Lake Worth Herald paper gets out.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and the printing press is running

all of Mark’s stories are real life, serious and also funny.

The Lake Worth Library had an article on me

with UniCandle unicorn and doll Melodie.

It was November 2006 and I was on Lake Worth Herald’s cover page

sitting on birthday chair where children celebrate their age.

Lake Worth Herald is printing my new poetry book

-the one you are reading- soon also on the Nook.

Mark was gracious and helped get my book right

he is friendly and easy to work with editing my book to make it out of sight!

For it has a glow in the dark cover

it is different not like any other.

Thanks Mark for your kindness in working with me

it was a pleasure working with you and also a

“Thank You” from my doll on the front cover Melodie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 10, 2012



Wearing pink high-heels on stage

I performed with Melodie at Big Bear Lake.

Wearing a pink costume with headband on my head

Melodie spoke also for she  lead

the story that made birthday wishes come true–

UniCandle unicorn would light the Krendoll cake for you.

Audience member said that he was on the edge of his seat

He imagined a magical land that could turn into a LSD trip.

Yes, UniCandle unicorn could do anything that day

but I wanted to give Sarah Star a “Special Birthday.

Luckily I had this performance recorded on tape

it turned out pretty good even though I stayed up late.

Stayed up late, with no sleep, I was so scared I couldn’t even count sheep.

My act stood out from all the rest for I was the only with a doll closed to chest.

Also, I was one of the few from the Midwest, I can attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 8, 2011



As a child I remember those days
when Aunt Audrey would come from faraway.
Aunt Audrey was tall and wore jewelry like rings
she brought gifts and interesting things.
Aunt Audrey lived in Japan, the far east
she had an interesting life to say the least.
Her daughters Marlena and Renee
had played with us for a couple of days.
Then they would leave on a plane
I would see them again at an older age.
Uncle Norm I also saw when I was young
we traveled to Rhode Island when I was age 1.
Then I would see Aunt Audrey & Norm
in the sunshine state—
they lived in a development with wooden gates.
I celebrate Christmas and the holidays
with them and daughters Marlena and Renee.
They work in the movie business today
They have children and live in L.A.

I will fly there soon with Melodie Mezoree’

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 9,2012