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James The Interesting Cat – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


James is his name and video is his game
he makes funny videos that are off the chain.
Like the one of Razel who is a puppet with evil eyes
James made her lips move, to totally hypnotize.
James and Razel are in photo along with me
he has a great smile with big bright white teeth.
He admires all musicians from recent to past
like pianist Beethoven and Miles Davis’s original jazz.
James is a musician himself in his studio he has instruments and even masks.
Yes, masks that are totally cool, but his drums are original too.
Both have an African feel, even an island décor that is seems surreal.
James is from New York and wears a lot of bling
he wears a hat with sunglasses which is favorite thing.
He looks like a cool cat that has seen it all
especially in NYC where he was on the ball.
For he shot interesting photos for a famous magazine
he shot video interesting but clean.
James has a kind heart for he photographed me for free
at an Indian clothing store owned by John A. Rooney.
Thanks James for believing in the artist in me
and all the children you inspire and teach.
I forgot to tell you, my cousin really like the
wood airplane that was his favorite gift.

By Suzae Chevalier on August 23,2011

Spontaneous Photographer Allen Scwartz by Suzae Chevalier



Click, click Allen’s camera goes
he clicks away as I pose…
At the Hazelden Art Show
I had on display my inspirational poems.
Allen interviewed me back in 1999
he asked me about my books I was working on at the time.
Allen invited me down to the Sunshine state
he introduced me to artist at the ‘Hut’ which was great!
introducing me to artists like Alan, Jack Barry and Harry
Allen took photographs of Christmas party very merry!
Allen recorded me one day in the quaint Lake Worth town
with artist Harvey who had fun clowning around.
Allen then had dark hair with a new style-
I found this photograph of him and it brought me a smile.
I just saw Allen on Thanksgiving this year
Allen again who was full of good cheer.
Thanks Allen for being a friend with a playful soul-
I look forward to more of your fun photos that glow!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 28,2013



Please do not lose hope if you are in pain

You can be healthy and happy once again.

There is a cure in sight—

You can be cured by your angels, ascended masters

day or night.

Gini who is compassionate medium and a guide–

She works with humble John of God by his side.

She will send your photo and donation for prayer

Your guardian angels will work on you with loving care.

By giving a “love donation”

in the dollar amount of twenty five-

Gini waits hours to see John of God by standing in line.

So go to that’s Gini’s website sometime today–

It’s www.virginiarebata.com were you can pay

With pay pal by which is on the upper right

She will receive on her iphone day or night

State your birth name, birth date and year.

In the healing triangle she will place your name-

Healing will happen, you won’t be the same.

Gini is not only a guide of John of God but a

Great humanitarian brought here–

Thank Gini with Appreciation for she along with

John of God are there for you and sincere.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 29, 2015




Hearing Gini for the first time I was comforted indeed

Her warmth was like the sun so very loving and sweet.

I was drifted to a state of relaxation

With her pleasant, spiritual guided meditation.

I felt more calm and at ease.

Her words took me on a journey of healing and peace.

Gini is a healer who is very sincere–

She heals from her heart which is

precious and dear.

She channels Lord Jesus Christ, Ascend Masters and Angels above

She brings light down through your crown chakra

Cascaded with brilliant light from the source with love.

Her path is with John of God who she is a guide

Bringing the people to Brazil—

She and John of God to help humanity

get physically and spiritually healed.

Thank You Very Much Gini–

For it is a honor to meet you on that defining day—

Thank you for your generosity and I send loving blessings

Your Way!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 27, 2015

Baby Airplane 2000 by Suzae Chevalier

Flying back from Vegas in 2000 with my friend Ev

I was seating on the airplane I met a new friend.

She was a little girl who was crying and sad

I gave her a toy –

She became happy and glad.

She smiled while holding toy real tight

She didn’t want to let go she held on with her might

I had to tell her toy needed to go beddy bye…

She looked like she understood and gave back toy

With a smile.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 27, 2015

Northwood Tree by Suzae Chevalier


The year was 2017
I was painting in Northwood West Palm
painting outside on street
I painted clouds and a tree.
Group painted all day
we kept painting till storm went away.
Stopped in Toys R Us–
great results of fellow painters galore.
All paintings will be in art show some day
I will put my artwork on suzae.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011

updated on July 17, 2018


Loyalty To Mary by Suzae Chevalier


Mary Villa, Angie and me at my 19th birthday in Cottage Grove, MN. It was 89 degrees that day and Reagan was in office. That was 30 years ago.

I get a call on my home phone
It is Mary asking me to come along.
She says to meet her at the bowling alley
She’s pregnant and really needs me.
I hop on a bus with bag for one
not realizing my adventure had just begun.
We stayed in an abandoned
building that very night,
We went through the
broken window with all our might.
Now the very next day–
We eat chocolate at grocery store and Tarjay.
That’s French for Target if you didn’t know-
now I digress, let’s move once more.
Time goes on and things come to an end-
I have to go home and leave my best friend.
It was worth it all the while-
Helping a friend who would one day have a child.
She had her baby in the fall
I came to the hospital when she did call.
Baby was so cute, cute as can be
She was the first child of my friend Mary.
Helping Mary I never did regret
As a true friend my loyalty was met.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Feb.21,2011

Dad Is The Best Truck Driver by Suzae Chevalier



Dad’s full name Charles but you can call him Chuck
he was happiest when he was driving his Truck.
Peterbilt he says is the best-he won a “Safe Driver Award” for he was above the rest.
“Best Driver Of The Year” he was named, he had his award framed.
I will always remember the smell of gas
I love the smell, it would remind me of time gone past.
A memory in time of my childhood days
I sat in Dad’s Peterbilt at Dad’s Dahlen’s truck place
Dad started the engine and honked the horn it was very loud I did learn to scorn.
Respect “Truck Drivers” for they bring food and gas home they risk their life in a storm.
Dad would go on layovers, a 3 state run through these states he had a lot of fun.
He was an efficient driver he did always state, never falling asleep even when driving late.
He talked on the phone to all of his trucker friends
they had all kinds of stories that never did end.
I remember him coming home late one night—He looked tired but had a bite.
A very efficient driver he did always state he never fell asleep when he drove real late.
He talked on the phone to all of his trucker friends, trucker stories that never did end.
I remember him coming home late one night—he looked tired but had a bite.
4 hours of sleep he said he always had, he worked in the wee hrs. he was a brave Dad.
Thanks Dad for you are very dear, cherished childhood memories that bring a tear.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 6, 2013

Stylish Debra Ann by Suzae Chevalier


Debra Ann with her stylish green hat
knows how to dress, I can tell you that.
Debra Ann is a real friend that understands
she is the Big Sis I never had-she is sweet I am glad
glad we met that one sunny day
at Mother Earth’s Coffee shop
back by the tables with owner Patte’.
Debra was a friend that made sure I was feed
she bought me groceries and didn’t care how much she spent.
We have fun dancing at the Cottage Sunday nights
we dance up a storm dancing to the beat just right.
She makes me smile just seeing her
she calls me Sunshine and I brighten her world.
You make me smile also Debra Ann–
remember Bible Study where we laughed and laughed?
We ate pizza, and had a blast!
One day we will sale my coloring books at the fair
it will be a fun memory to share.
Thanks Anna for being a Big Sis and a friend
You bring you sunshine again and again!

Written By Suzae Chevalier on January 18, 2012

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