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Houston Air Show by Suzae Chevalier


Flying carefree in the sky

was different U.S. fighter planes

on a  warm day in July.

I traveled down to Houston Texas

for the Houston Air Show…

it was very entertaining and rightly so.

Chucky brought a friend Gladys who owned

an antique store…

her daughter was a airplane flyer with

tricks galore.

When we left we heard on the radio

One old air force plane went down in a crash

like so many before.

These pilots have risked their lives

so people watching can have a good time.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 29, 2015


Wish I was Maurice Chevalier’s Niece by Suzae Chevalier


I’ve would of liked to have been Maurice Chevalier’s niece

and think he would of been pleased

For I painted the Eiffel tower in the city

where he was born

too sad that he is gone.

It would have been great to be in a movie with him–

he would sing to doll Melodie ‘Wonderful Things’.

Like “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”

and she would sing Happy Birthday

and I would crown him with sparkly bling.

Thank you Maurice–

you’re the Sweetest Frenchmen in the world.

Now, he is in a photo at piano with Marilyn Monroe

they were cast in a movie together I thought you should know.

Now we have Maurice’s and Marilyn’s movies

photos and songs, to play all day or all night long.

See you in heaven Maurice Chevalier

I will sing for your birthday

a song with Melodie Mezoree’.

Written on March 22, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier

ANIMATION SCHOOL 1993 by Suzae Chevalier


Animation school I did go

To learn 3D Studio

It was the first 3D animation

software that could be found

It was used from NYC to Tinseltown.

I was photographed with fellow

Blond classmate—

We were looking at the school’s

Brochure that was up to date.

All animation students made a sample

Of all their work in class-

Some classmates were top brass.

Like August Johnston who still

Is in the trade-

He works on 3D animations

That are rendered high grade.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 26, 2015

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2014 by Suzae Chevalier


It was the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

two thousand fourteen–

Chalk painters would have to paint a Hollywood movie scene.

I just painted Marilyn Monroe

with Melodie doll and Razel her foe.

I painted again in front of Rooney Imports store

crowds came with a lot cameras galore.

Kavasutra Kava Bar was playing their music outside-

girls dressed in painted bikinis and guys

showed their pride.

A friend down the street

said she saw a clip of me-

in the morning on Fox News

from last year when I had an interview.

This clip was on before the Oscars in 2013

also after it for it was about what’s happening.

Next year will be my last festival I will paint-

I will wear a princess outfit that looks

really quaint.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 26 ,2015




Master Shaman Don Mariano gifted

David Tejada the Munay-ki

Now David is a healing shaman

in many despacho ceremonies.

He has the power to gift you these rites

At different ancient sacred sites.

Sacred sites in the Andean mountains of Peru

David passes on this miraculous energy to you.

Through the Nine rites that heal

and transform your energy field.

He starts with the “Healer’s Rite”

all the way to the ninth.

Ninth Rite which awakens

the Creator-light within.

He blesses many people again and again.

Thank you David for being

Such a kind and humble friend .

Your generosity in helping me

with knowledge has made me feel

Empowered from within.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 26, 2015

Palm Beach Improv by Suzae Chevalier


Melodie adores Stevie D
she compliments his style of dress to a T.
She has the memory of going to City Place

Stevie goes on the Improv comedy stage

Stevie does comedy and entertains.

Melodie laughs with Jimmy Dean-

it’s a funny act but not very clean!


Then Jimmy is next to go on stage

his act is funny it’s all the rage.

Melodie laughs at comic Jimmy Dean-

it is one funniest acts she has seen!


Melodie is next–

she is with Razel puppet and me.

Lighters light up in the air

wild whistling everywhere

Razel yells without a care

“You know why I have no pupils?”

right before Melodie can jump in-

Razel has finished her line with her evil grin.

People are shocked and don’t know what to say

they were roasted by an evil puppet

who laughs away.

Lights go out and Razel starts to shout

I bow with the girls before I walk out.

What a time in 2005

where the Improv Stage comes alive.

Sharing the stage with Stevie D, Jimmy–

Razel puppet and Melodie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier 2011

Hollywood 1996 by Suzae Chevalier

1996 was the year

I was with Chucky so dear. In L.A.

Saw “Independence Day” opening day

it was mother nature controlling humanity’s  fate.

Only July 1st Margaux Hemmingway

had committed suicide–

it was from depression she could not hide.

I also ate at the famous restaurant “Spago” in Beverly Hills

close to Willshire Boulevard and it was a thrill.

I walked in wearing a short pink patterned jumpsuit

business agents turned around because I was too cute.

Chucky was there with me without a care

he knew all of them turned their heads to stare.

Everyone was dressed in suits with a tie

they all looked the same, I don’t know why.

Then off to movie Star’s mansions we traveled to see

it was really fun taking pictures for vacation memories.

I also took workshops on filmmaking in the day

it was very interesting I have to say.

I saw Angelica Houston for the first time–

We went to The Comedy Store

Richard Pryor performed in a wheelchair

his comedy routine–

He talked very dirty– his act was not very clean.

He said something only Chucky did understand-

it was about recovery–a quote that was grand.

Now I will always remember this trip for it is etched in my mind

Thank you Chucky for showing me a really good time.

Written on August 9, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier




It was the year 1989

I was in my twenties looking quite fine.

Older man Dave would use pen to sign

contract to prevent envelope company

from printing my greeting card Valentine.

Harvey who wrote “Swim with the Sharks”

had a salesman I left scared in the dark.

Salesman didn’t really know

contract that says not to show.

To make this happen I went to the Secretary of State

Incorporated under Chevalier Originals as the name.

Then I bought a suite for big tall Dave

made him my Vice President,

chauffeur, butler all in one day.

Driving down highway 280 we did get lost

but luckily we found the envelope office.

Company door handle was in big gold letter M

I walked through it with Dave my friend.

Going into a board room with world map on the wall

sitting at a large board room table amazed with it all.

Then salesman walks in with himself and no pen

I pull out a fancy one which I did lend.

Then Dave, salesman and me all did sign, a Confidentiality contract

sealing this date in time!

Laughing with the a Score representative whose retired & old

He said “Envelope co. can’t touch my designs with a 10 foot pole.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier Feb. 17, 2011



Quotes with Photos of Suzae Chevalier




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