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BE HEAVEN ON EARTH by Suzae Chevalier


Heaven on Earth to Be
Has to come from all
of us all individually.
The birds, the bugs and the trees
Do it all naturally.
Holding a good thought for everyone
can be interesting and quite fun!
For we should not take for granted
the Power of the Mind
It is given to us from the Divine.
How WE Use it with good choice
so Our angels can Rejoice.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on 13, 2016

Honor The Birds by Suzae Chevalier

Don’t Kill the birds

They are more than

What meets the eye

They are more than

Feathered friends

Flying through the sky.

They are heavenly

Creatures that

Are carriers of light

They can hold a

Human spirit

Day or night.

They have heavenly

Music that they sing

harmony, peace

they do bring.

This keeps the planet

balanced and protected

like the drumming

of the Native Americans

and the dolphins, whales

that send songs too

of heaven for me and you.

We have to honor them

for they are our friends.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 4, 2016


Madonna’s Old Friend by Suzae Chevalier


Little Italian girl would grew up to be

an international singer

and movie star on the silver screen.

Yes, Madonna would become a top pop star

she would tour the world and go quite far.

One of Madonna’s NYC dancing friends

is friends with me now she is also Italian.

She was dancing in clubs with Madonna when

Penthouse did Madonna’s spread—

Debra is her name and she will defend

Madonna till the end.

Debra collaged lovingly Madonna’s photos

since the start of her fame

She also helped do marketing for Madonna’s

line Material Girl with care just the same.

Debra is a big fan of Madonna with links

to her videos—

she also sends out links to all of her shows.

Debra admires Madonna very much so

saying ‘Madonna got to where she was because

she wouldn’t take a no’.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 3, 2012


Consciousness does not require a brain,

consciousness is in the smallest slug,

Ghosts exist; they are beings that never crossed over,

Death is not Final; you are from source you cannot destroy energy,

Magic is Real; it’s another term for manifesting

Good/Evil is how we use law of attraction.

Journeying in Peru by Suzae Chevalier


Journeying in Peru

I saw my hawk

But not my kangaroo.

Both Hawk and Kangaroo

Are my power animals

Who help me

Get through…

All of my problems

Hawk is his name

Not “the hawk”

Not “a hawk”

It is the spirit of the animal

That we feel

They help us

They are more

Than real…

They are real in their dimension

as we are in ours

they can bring us to the stars.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 2 ,2016

On My Way To Heaven by Suzae Chevalier


Cosmic body I am in–

When I float up to heaven.

Heaven is above all

I am hypnotized

And go up in a ball.

Dimensions with planets

law of attraction I skim by

I see it all when going up

In sky.

Once in heaven I step out

I see my dogs and let out a shout

My three dogs who were

Smiling and wagging their tails

Only here love prevails.

I wanted to stay forever

And hugged them all

Good bye.

I can go into my cosmic body

At night…

Even during the day

To get things right.

Your prana is bigger

Than your will-

Its older than Earth’s hills.

Go to your 3rd eye

And see Mother Divine

She is Shiva and will

Help you all the time.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 2, 2016

Schumacher’s Fashion Show At Breakers Hotel – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Chuck Schumacher owns Schumacher Chevrolet

I photographed Chuck’s family for Palm Beach Today.

Year was 2005 in the early spring

photos were taken at Breaker’s Hotel with a lot of bling.

Photos for Schumacher’s Fashion show

where of models dressed from head to toe.

Designer dresses and frilly hats

models dressed in colorful spring wear, shorts and pants.

Photos shot of models on center stage

models strutting down long runway.

My first photo shoot that I did participate

Shiny Sheet follows me make no mistake.

Schumacher grandparents and grandchildren

pose side by side

they are very gracious with happy smiles.

Photographs turn out really great

they are published the very next day.

Sensational first fashion photo shoot

glamorous fundraiser and very exciting to boot!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 15, 2012