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Angel Poems

In The Form Of A Dove by Suzae Chevalier


In my car driving toward
Highway 95 today-
A dove flew passed
my car window
Flying swiftly-
turning back my way–
I knew this is your father
Who wants me to relay-
“Dear Marlena and Renee
I am with you everyday
In the form of a dove-
I send you my love-
Down to you both
from the heavens above.
Remember One dove
That one dove you do see–
is me your father
who loves you deeply.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 28, 2016

A SOULMATE IS A MIRROR by Suzae Chevalier


A soulmate is like a mirror
they reflect back to you-
all the issues you are working on
that much is true.
A clairvoyant once told me
how it all began-
How a soul family forms from what I understand.
From a soul egg it separates into different parts
almost like your one soul that has different charts.
Somehow souls blend and do the same things
usually similarities is in their genes.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 14, 2012

CHARMING CHARLIE by Suzae Chevalier





Charlie who I call Carlos all the time
was a enduring friend that had an
interesting life.
He was loved by many and
he had a smile like sunshine.
I remember when I took him for a ride.
A ride in my Mustang convertible
in the summer time.
He made sure I was feed and bought
me Burger King–
He was there at moments in my life
like a flower loves the spring.
He showed up always to make sure
I was alright–
He was friend who I put in my comedy
act at night.
He also called me Puppet Lady to the friends
Lake Worth won’t be the same without him

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 31, 2015

MERMAID BY THE SEA by Suzae Chevalier


Little mermaid splashing in the sea

swimming around as free as can be.

Letting the ocean’s wave’s float you to shore

hoping to win the heart

 of a man who totally adores


deep down to your soul.

Once he has his eyes on you

he hears a sacred note,

totally mezmorized

he crashes his boat.

Now he is all yours

for you have saved his life

from the misery of his aloneness

& mortal plight.

For he’s is sad and can’t express

all his depressing thoughts of total unhappiness.

Now with you he see’s magic in your eyes

finally hearing your sweet voice totally mezmorize.

All of the romantic thoughts he has

starts to spin in his head

he offers you his hand so that you may wed.

Turning himself into a merman to be with you

living in joy with both your hearts so true.

Written by Christina Sunrise on Jan. 26, 2011

Angels Are by Suzae Chevalier

Angels are your friend through life,

Angels are there for you in your pain and strife,

Angels will always be around,

Even when your feeling down.

Angels are friend to the very end,

Angels help you to transcend….

into the lovely person you were meant to be,

making you filled with love, joy and glee!

Angels help you be free with wonderful creativity,

Making your days here on Earth Joyfull and Happy!

Copyright 2006 & 2010 Suzae Chevalier

Angel Number 444


Number comes in on my phone—
But I don’t know if it’s from a gnome.
Maybe an angel for the numbers show
The number 444.
The time of the call was the numbers above
Maybe sent by an angel or a secret dove.
So it gave me hope that I am still here—
My angels are everywhere.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 31,2012

Thank You John of God!

Thank You John of God

Joao is known as John of God in Brazil

He helps millions of people get off of pills.

Millions have recovered from deadly


He channels doctors from other dimensions

Use laser light technology.

Joao has been people’s answer to end their life

of despair.

His life’s work has been steeped in prayer–

He has helped Earth’s people everywhere.

I send my loving gratitude to him each day

He has helped me recover from my pain.

Thank you John of God for being here on

This Earth plane.

Your channeling of great ascended masters, doctors

Is needed in every way!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 8, 2015

Creative Angels Everywhere


Each little soul shiny and bright—
clipped it’s wings so no more flight.
Came to Earth to stand upright—
lost it’s purpose but not it’s sight.
now it remembers each day
to find it’s way—
back to expressing it’s ‘uniqueness’ so dear—
that is why it is truly here.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 7,2012