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ARTIST NANCY WALLER by Suzae Chevalier

I remember hearing a voice
‘go down this road’, was the first choice.
The road 42nd West, in south Minneapolis.
Great visual artist I would meet
She drew endangered species detailed and neat.
Nancy Waller was her name
She published booklets on endangered species
to help bring about awareness and change
to save Earth’s creatures from death and pain.
Best artist that I adored most of all
Nancy has a place in her heart
to help other artists
She went to her see her at the museum,
took photos with her that where very pleasing.
Happy for Nancy designed my coloring books
just fine.
Nancy got my books off to a great start
she inspired me and has a pure heart.
Thank you Nancy for inspiration and passion too
you’re a great artist, through and through!

Written by Suzae Chevalier September 9, 2011

updated on May 4, 2016

Edited on October 15, 2018


Lake Worth Annex 2006 by Suzae Chevalier


Sun shining brightly in the sky, Jim is watching with keen eye.
For he notices props set up for audience to see,
used in “Sarah’s Special Birthday” reading.

Palm Beach photographer shows up soon,
taking photos at high noon.
Children wear costumes with wands in hand,
bringing magic to Krendoll land.

Melodie pops out of box,  she is happy with no socks.
Now Razel doesn’t show her face,
Happy story for children she has no place.

Then UniCandle unicorn lights the cake,
making children anticipate.
for there is magic in the air,
will Sarah Star receive her present with moon beam glare?

Happy ending does unfold, Suzae the storyteller just had told,
A rhyming poem with characters with special powers,
This all happened within an hour.

Books where signed on the spot, along with photos that where shot,
to capture the happy memories, of this day in Lake Worth city.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 2, 2012

Royal Art And Music Fest by Suzae Chevalier



At the Royal Palm Art and Music fest,

I really felt I did my best.

Opal octopus, Majesty mermaid and Sarah Star

I painted and it was best challenge by far.

The square was a little small but still O.K.

I painted three characters, just not Melodie Mezoree’.

Then I as the public would say,

I had to “Change it Up” that day,

from the front cover of “Melodie’s Mermaid Birthday”.

That was O.K. I did finish

Opal’s birthday party by sundown,

She was happy she received a birthday crown.

Now I can make at least 3 characters big in a 4’ x 6’ square,

Thank you Mary Lou for inviting me here,

I’m glad you gave me this opputunity to paint

what I cherish so dear.

Northwood Tree by Suzae Chevalier


The year was 2017
I was painting in Northwood West Palm
painting outside on street
I painted clouds and a tree.
Group painted all day
we kept painting till storm went away.
Stopped in Toys R Us–
great results of fellow painters galore.
All paintings will be in art show some day
I will put my artwork on suzae.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011

updated on July 17, 2018


ARTIST STEVE BROUSE by Suzae Chevalier


Steve Brouse is an artist

who paints murals real grand–

He paints of a bright colorful fantasy land.

Characters painted with bright colors of red and yellow

cute childlike shapes very calming, very mellow.

I first met Steve in Delray—

he was showing his paintings on display.

Steve’s painting stood out from the rest

with all his bright colors he was the best.

Steve even paints on wooden frames

tennis shoes and school walls during the day.

Steve came to see me read Sarah’s Special Birthday

he took photos of UniCandle unicorn, Melodie.

Thank you Steve for being there for me.

At the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival on the street

Steve made sure I had food and cold water to drink.

I visited Steve again at his new art studio—

it was this weekend—it was fun to go!

Thank you Steve for letting me paint

I hope your mural turns out exceptionally great!

You can see Steve’s artwork on “The House of Brouse”

that is his website, so check it out–

You’ll be happy you did without a doubt.

Find him also on facebook.com too

Steve posts his paintings along

with his colorful character shoes.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 15, 2011


My Friend Bill by Suzae Chevalier

Half Italian, half Irish for his last name is Maroney
his name on stage rhymes with baloney.
He thinks my artwork is very colorful, with colors of May.
Now, he was good friends with my dear friend Jimmy,
they would go to all the restaurants in the Lake Worth city.
Now Bill is his first name but his middle name is John,
he was a economics professor in Michigan.
His mother is a sweetheart and she is still alive,
she is in upstate New York and almost 95.
Bill hopes to get in shape, I think he can doesn’t eat past eight.
Bill always visited me on Comedy Night at the Rumshack,
He always thought I was funny and laughed and laughed.
Thanks Bill for supporting me as an performing artist and
visual artist too, hopefully that big original painting will sale
when my book sales go through the roof.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 23,2011

Hummingbird Hotel by Suzae Chevalier

There one was a Hummingbird hotel

in Lake Worth I remember it well.

For it has stories to be told

one is about Al Capone.

He stayed with his gang

on one of the floors

betting on a team

that would have

a top score.

Betting on a boxing match

that was played in Chicago,

little did anyone literally know.

Many years later I would arrive,

paint on the sidewalk

just outside,

I was happy

and filled with pride.

I was a rogue artist

that did not give up,

even when they said there

was no more spots.

Now this year the

Hummingbird hotel is closed,

still many stories need to be told,

Thank you Winston

for sharing what you know,

and letting be in the Street Painting show.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Feb.21,2011



In the north woods lives a deer by a tree

it looks in the window at Rick Kessler’s feet.

He is sitting on the couch watching t.v.

Then deer walks around to see …

he is in studio now working on a lake scene.

See Rick work on his photos in his office–

he is cropping photos for he is not a novice.

Photos will go on a placemat

images of wildlife like flowers and plants.

One photo he took of many in a row–

Melodie sits on UniCandle unicorn his flame a glow.

This was in the fall before it began to snow.

Photo is now on a greeting card–

it is the cutest image of Melodie by far.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2011