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Prince Visits Me

Dreaming on my birthday this year
Prince visits me so dear.
He was dressed in latest fashion
with a new hairstyle so cool
he talked to me sincerely
and was very upbeat.
He said he remembers seeing me
at his favorite restaurant on Hennepin Ave.
He was down to Earth a great friend to have.
We went to a concert and we sat in the back row
nobody bothered us
he liked his privacy I do know.
I read him the poem I wrote about him
in the year two thousand and eleven–
he must of known of the poem even in heaven.
In the poem I talk about saying ‘Happy Birthday’
to him with a cake on tray,
just like I do in ‘Sarah’s Special Birthday’
Thank you Prince for visiting me and taking me out
it made my birthday without a doubt!

Written on April 18, 2017 by Suzae Chevalier

Madonna’s Old Friend by Suzae Chevalier


Little Italian girl would grew up to be

an international singer

and movie star on the silver screen.

Yes, Madonna would become a top pop star

she would tour the world and go quite far.

One of Madonna’s NYC dancing friends

is friends with me now she is also Italian.

She was dancing in clubs with Madonna when

Penthouse did Madonna’s spread—

Debra is her name and she will defend

Madonna till the end.

Debra collaged lovingly Madonna’s photos

since the start of her fame

She also helped do marketing for Madonna’s

line Material Girl with care just the same.

Debra is a big fan of Madonna with links

to her videos—

she also sends out links to all of her shows.

Debra admires Madonna very much so

saying ‘Madonna got to where she was because

she wouldn’t take a no’.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 3, 2012

Schumacher’s Fashion Show At Breakers Hotel – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Chuck Schumacher owns Schumacher Chevrolet

I photographed Chuck’s family for Palm Beach Today.

Year was 2005 in the early spring

photos were taken at Breaker’s Hotel with a lot of bling.

Photos for Schumacher’s Fashion show

where of models dressed from head to toe.

Designer dresses and frilly hats

models dressed in colorful spring wear, shorts and pants.

Photos shot of models on center stage

models strutting down long runway.

My first photo shoot that I did participate

Shiny Sheet follows me make no mistake.

Schumacher grandparents and grandchildren

pose side by side

they are very gracious with happy smiles.

Photographs turn out really great

they are published the very next day.

Sensational first fashion photo shoot

glamorous fundraiser and very exciting to boot!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 15, 2012

Steve Jobs Remembered – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Something about Steve Jobs people don’t know now
his parents met in Wisc. with the cows.
Steve dad’s is Arabic so marriage was a no, no.
didn’t stop them from having a kid in San Francisco.
He invented the personal computer, the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone
he left a legacy with inventions still unknown.
Steve Jobs is compared to Albert Einstein
Steve was the genius of our time.
He never finished college with a degree
he has done a lot to help the human race succeed.
Steve Jobs we will all miss you
“Please Rest In Peace.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 7, 2011

Steven Tyler by Suzae Chevalier


Steve Tyler is known for his swagger

I told a friend today

he is sexier then Mick Jagger.

Playing the piano I saw him today

“Dream On” is bigger now

because of what Trump brought his way.

He played at Iowa Jam which was great

no cows around they were in their gates.

“Walk This Way” he played the best

he walks around strutting his chest.

Flamboyant costume shows his sex appeal

he sings with force and rocks like steel.

Shaking his long hair rock music fills the air.

Fun times to be had when I was young

great Iowa Jam show was a lot of fun!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 14, 2012

Edited October 16, 2015

Tennis with Evgeni Plushenko by Suzae Chevalier


On the tennis courts in the

Land of a thousand lakes

Evgeni Plushenko not wearing skates.

He was playing tennis

with Ann, Ellie and me-

I took photos of Ellie swinging

Her hair carefree.

Then Ann took a photo of me and

Evgeni with his tennis attire

He was a gentlemen-

More than a medieval squire.

His coach Alexei Mishin-

I did meet-

I told him I might have Russian blood

He said you are way too pretty.

What a compliment from a coach

who made Evgeni an

Olympic World Champion

Thank you Ann for this

memory in time

Ann is an Olympic figure skating coach

who has had a very interesting life.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2015

SANTA HAS HIS DAY by Suzae Chevalier


Santa Claus posted on the

“Board of Fame”

Along with other celebrities

from the US of A.

At Bora Bora’s Bloody Mary bar

you will find–

Photos of public figures

One of a Kind.

Brother Jo and Ronnie Wood

of Rolling Stones fame

posed with Polynesian dancer

back in the day.

A photo of Neil Armstrong

Landing on the moon-

Then there is a photo of

David Copperfield by the lagoon.

He is actually next to a palm tree-

John Denver on the board

I did see-

I saw him in person with dear friend Chucky.

Jimmy Buffet did play his guitar

and a visit from a television star–

it was Pamela Anderson

who they mentioned right away-

but her photo didn’t stay.

Chuck Norris photo was not tacked like the rest-

The taxi driver drove him around I attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 9, 2015

Wish I was Maurice Chevalier’s Niece by Suzae Chevalier


I’ve would of liked to have been Maurice Chevalier’s niece

and think he would of been pleased

For I painted the Eiffel tower in the city

where he was born

too sad that he is gone.

It would have been great to be in a movie with him–

he would sing to doll Melodie ‘Wonderful Things’.

Like “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”

and she would sing Happy Birthday

and I would crown him with sparkly bling.

Thank you Maurice–

you’re the Sweetest Frenchmen in the world.

Now, he is in a photo at piano with Marilyn Monroe

they were cast in a movie together I thought you should know.

Now we have Maurice’s and Marilyn’s movies

photos and songs, to play all day or all night long.

See you in heaven Maurice Chevalier

I will sing for your birthday

a song with Melodie Mezoree’.

Written on March 22, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier

Hollywood 1996 by Suzae Chevalier


1996 was the year

I was with Chucky so dear. In L.A.

Saw “Independence Day” opening day

it was mother nature controlling humanity’s  fate.

Only July 1st Margaux Hemmingway

had committed suicide–

it was from depression she could not hide.

I also ate at the famous restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills

close to Wilshire Boulevard and it was a thrill.

I walked in wearing a short pink patterned jumpsuit

business agents turned around because I was too cute.

Chucky was there with me without a care

he knew all of them turned their heads to stare.

Everyone was dressed in suits with a tie

they all looked the same, I don’t know why.

Then off to movie Star’s mansions we traveled to see

it was really fun taking pictures for vacation memories.

I also took workshops on filmmaking in the day

it was very interesting I have to say.

I saw Angelica Houston for the first time–

I wrote a poem about her with Razel in a movie


I also bought a Niagara postcard for a movie

starring Marilyn Monroe–

she hurt herself so

wore a cast around her ankle but not her toe.

Then we went to The Comedy Store

Richard Pryor performed in a wheelchair

his comedy routine–

He talked very dirty– his act was not very clean.

He said something only Chucky did understand-

it was about recovery–a quote that was grand.

Now I will always remember this trip for it is etched in my mind

Thank you Chucky for showing me a really good time.

Written on August 9, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier



Dannion Brinkley by Suzae Chevalier

Dannion Brinkley was “Saved by the Light”

all spiritual writing in the book that he writes.

“Yes” he says we are powerful

spiritual beings coming to this plane

to help inspire and to make a change.

He was asked on the other side which he came back to tell

“What Love have you given or did you make life on Earth hell? ”

Now not quite those words–

but haven’t you heard

you can affect people with small little things

there is a chain reaction from what your action brings.

So let your actions be of consciousness thought

that helps people grow and not stay in their lot.

Dannion Brinkley’s words are true

I met him and he speaks firsthand to you–

Believe what you can, read his book to see his view.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 17, 2011