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Funny Poems

Sister Lisa’s Surprise by Suzae Chevalier


As a kid I made a fake “me” doll,
she was like me but not too tall.
I sewed her up with bathroom towels,
she was original and had no jowls.
Practical joke I did make,
with Funny Doll that was fake.
I put fake doll in my bed,
covered the blankets over dolls head.
Then my sister went to sleep,
I told her from far away,
I was sleeping “Please don’t make a peep? ”
My sister said, “Are you alright?
you look very sick looking tonight.”
I replied, with a yell, ha! Ha!
Then I ran to room laughing like hell.
My sister got scared, and then she laughed,
It was very funny, it was a blast.
These funny childhood memories are the ones that last.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 9,2011
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Palm Beach Improv by Suzae Chevalier


Melodie adores Stevie D
she compliments his style of dress to a T.
She has the memory of going to City Place

Stevie goes on the Improv comedy stage

Stevie does comedy and entertains.

Melodie laughs with Jimmy Dean-

it is one funniest acts they have ever seen!

Then Jimmy is next to go on stage

his act is funny it’s all the rage.

Melodie is then to be seen

she is with Razel puppet and me.

Lighters light up in the air

wild whistling everywhere

Razel yells without a care

‘You know why I have no pupils?

‘ right before Melodie can jump in-

Razel has finished her line and committed the sin.

People are shocked and begin to talk.

Lights go out and Razel starts to shout

I bow with the girls before I walk out.

What a time in 2005

where the Improv Stage comes alive.

Sharing the stage with Stevie D, Jimmy, Razel and Melodie.

Written by Suzae Chevalier 2011

Danced with Donald Trump


Danced with Donald in a dream
I thought it was very funny and very strange.
I told him I wrote a poem about Melania and him
it was a quick poem I wrote on a whim.
Donald responded
‘those people are nuts– that whole gang, ‘
and I know what he meant,
this is New York and Jersey slang.
In poem I write that I took photos of his Slavic wife
when she was carrying a precious life.
This happened when I was working for Palm Beach Today.
Photos shot at Mara A Largo better than Hotel Elegante’.
Then I noticed his belly protruded with fat
He told me he just ate a black bat.
Then I woke up realizing it was just a dream
I thought thank heaven life is not this extreme.

By Suzae Chevalier on August 31,2011

Tom Hanks Flies Off With UniCandle unicorn


UniCandle ™unicorn horn glitters real bright

on t-shirts that glowed in my dream one night.

Colorful t-shirts outside on a lighted display

attract customers to come my way.

On Easter Sunday while Krendolls walk by

one particular character caught my eye.

It was Tom Hanks who did decide to buy

one UniCandle™ unicorn t-shirts with at a  fantastic price

that’s out of sight- –

For only the price of $9.95!

Tom handed me a donation along with a smile.

Then Tom turned around and said to me-

UniCandle ™unicorn is ucte and unique

You will sell a lot of t-shirts just

You wait and see!

Tom left wearing the shirt that really glows-

flying out of my Krendoll land on UniCandle ™unicorn’s back he goes.

Way up in the sky with UniCandle™ unicornâ’s horn shining bright

they fly off out of Krendoll island deep in the night.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 1, 2011

Razel Goes To Memphis 2006

razel-in-memphis-- 2

“Lisa Marie” plane across from Graceland-

that is where I pose for my fans…

Brick wall with graffiti by fans for the King,

just plain writing with no sparkling bling.

Elvis’s mansion surrounded by gate,

store nearby with Elvis plate.

And of course an Elvis toy

given as gift for girl or boy.

I, Razel did take photo with the King-

I got a kiss, but wanted a fling.

Then up north from there is downtown

stopped and listened to Jazz all around.

I took photos with ‘singers of the blues’

posed sideways with no shoes

singers laughing totally amused.

Then me sleepy Razel took a 1 hr snooze

while driving to Florida to get on a cruise.

Memphis was fun don’t get me wrong–

this is the place where Elvis still sings his songs!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 4,2011



Wearing pink high-heels on stage

I performed with Melodie at Big Bear Lake.

Wearing a pink costume with headband on my head

Melodie spoke also for she  lead

the story that made birthday wishes come true–

UniCandle unicorn would light the Krendoll cake for you.

Audience member said that he was on the edge of his seat

He imagined a magical land that could turn into a LSD trip.

Yes, UniCandle unicorn could do anything that day

but I wanted to give Sarah Star a “Special Birthday.

Luckily I had this performance recorded on tape

it turned out pretty good even though I stayed up late.

Stayed up late, with no sleep, I was so scared I couldn’t even count sheep.

My act stood out from all the rest for I was the only with a doll closed to chest.

Also, I was one of the few from the Midwest, I can attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 8, 2011