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Healer Poems

Thank You Jesus For Saving My Life by Suzae Chevalier

Thank You Jesus for being with me in the womb
Thank You Jesus for being with me to my tomb-
this is where I will be resurrected and come
to life–
in a glorified body that can not be harmed
with a knife.
Thank You Jesus for fighting my spiritual battles
all the time
without You I would not shine.
Thank You Jesus for your sacrifice–
Thank You for giving me a new life.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 28, 2018

Thank You John of God!

Thank You John of God

Joao is known as John of God in Brazil

He helps millions of people get off of pills.

Millions have recovered from deadly


He channels doctors from other dimensions

Use laser light technology.

Joao has been people’s answer to end their life

of despair.

His life’s work has been steeped in prayer–

He has helped Earth’s people everywhere.

I send my loving gratitude to him each day

He has helped me recover from my pain.

Thank you John of God for being here on

This Earth plane.

Your channeling of great ascended masters, doctors

Is needed in every way!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 8, 2015