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Melodie Mezoree’

Krendoll island birthday with Sarah Star and Earthanian girl Elsie and Garden fairy

On My Way To Heaven by Suzae Chevalier


Cosmic body I am in–

When I float up to heaven.

Heaven is above all

I am hypnotized

And go up in a ball.

Dimensions with planets

law of attraction I skim by

I see it all when going up

In sky.

Once in heaven I step out

I see my dogs and let out a shout

My three dogs who were

Smiling and wagging their tails

Only here love prevails.

I wanted to stay forever

And hugged them all

Good bye.

I can go into my cosmic body

At night…

Even during the day

To get things right.

Your prana is bigger

Than your will-

Its older than Earth’s hills.

Go to your 3rd eye

And see Mother Divine

She is Shiva and will

Help you all the time.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 2, 2016

Melodie Visits Peru by Suzae Chevalier

Little girl inspects Melodie Mezoree' doll

Little girl inspects Melodie Mezoree’ doll

Melodie visits Peru in the month of May

she meets little Peruvian children on her way.

She will make more trips across the seas-

she will visit other countries.

One where she will come to life-

she will be sewn and hair knitted

just right.

Her fans in two countries where

anime is done–

will come to see on the big screen

with a comedy of fun.

So stay tuned for more photos to transpire

with other children who welcome her

and look up to and admire.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 27, 2016


Nanny Days


Loading my van with a ton of toys

bringing it to play with for the girls and boys.

Razel and Melodie doll and Sabrina the smallest of them all.

I also bring my props for my birthday show

Children watch as UniCandle unicorn’s horn becomes aglow.

Now children blow out the birthday cake

made out of cardboard; it is fake.

That doesn’t bother them none

they decorate it with beads, they have so much fun.

Now Razel puppet always tries to ruin the party

She shows up late always, tardy.

Children set traps for Razel, so she will go

Away from the fun of the birthday show.

The stories ending always turns out for the best

Razel is kicked off Krendoll island she didn’t past the test.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 9 ,2011

Bahamas Cruise 2006

MelodieRazelBahamas 077

On a cruise ship I did sail

going to the Bahamas

remembering it well.

Listening to bands that played

dance hits of their day–

That’s when the word

happy meant gay.

Taking photos on the deck

eating lobster, shrimp and steak.

Raining when ship does land

can not sunbathe on the sand.

Walking around to see the sights
Bahama’s tote bag I did buy–

Along with 2 handmade

dolls pale and white.

One with black hair other with yellow–

one doll icy-blue other doll mellow.

Names “Razel” and “Melodie”

are sewn into each separate doll

in a craft like looking mall.

Photos taken of dolls with me–

even Bahamian lady very pleased.

I put them in my Bahama’s tote

More sightseeing before getting on boat.

Walking around the town

bargains everywhere to be found.

Now I will go back some day soon

I will look for stars and moons.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February. 24,2011

Penny Brings Melodie To Life – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Penny with her sewing flair–
sews Melodie doll and yarns her hair.
Penny makes Melodie into a small doll
once Melodie’s alive the two have a ball.
Melodie writes Penny once in awhile
she even visited her in the hospital.
Melodie had to make sure Penny was alright
in fact Penny told the nurse, where is Suzy tonight?
Right then Melodie, Razel and me soon arrived
to sit by friend Penny’s dear old side.
Now Penny gets healthy and recovers real soon
she enjoys her grandchildren and her new life too.
Thank you Penny for all your generosity
if it wasn’t for you, the world would not have Melodie.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 14, 2012



Wearing pink high-heels on stage

I performed with Melodie at Big Bear Lake.

Wearing a pink costume with headband on my head

Melodie spoke also for she  lead

the story that made birthday wishes come true–

UniCandle unicorn would light the Krendoll cake for you.

Audience member said that he was on the edge of his seat

He imagined a magical land that could turn into a LSD trip.

Yes, UniCandle unicorn could do anything that day

but I wanted to give Sarah Star a “Special Birthday.

Luckily I had this performance recorded on tape

it turned out pretty good even though I stayed up late.

Stayed up late, with no sleep, I was so scared I couldn’t even count sheep.

My act stood out from all the rest for I was the only with a doll closed to chest.

Also, I was one of the few from the Midwest, I can attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 8, 2011