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Passion Poems

MERMAID BY THE SEA by Suzae Chevalier


Little mermaid splashing in the sea

swimming around as free as can be.

Letting the ocean’s wave’s float you to shore

hoping to win the heart

 of a man who totally adores


deep down to your soul.

Once he has his eyes on you

he hears a sacred note,

totally mezmorized

he crashes his boat.

Now he is all yours

for you have saved his life

from the misery of his aloneness

& mortal plight.

For he’s is sad and can’t express

all his depressing thoughts of total unhappiness.

Now with you he see’s magic in your eyes

finally hearing your sweet voice totally mezmorize.

All of the romantic thoughts he has

starts to spin in his head

he offers you his hand so that you may wed.

Turning himself into a merman to be with you

living in joy with both your hearts so true.

Written by Christina Sunrise on Jan. 26, 2011