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Masaki The Creative Photographer by Suzae Chevalier


Masaki who was a creative
photographer-one of the best…
was very talented
even a gourmet chef.
He photographed me with
Kermit the frog…
and here I post photos
by him on my blogs.
He photographed me
in black & white and also color-
he made my book Purple Poems
front and back cover.
He moved to San Francisco
by the bay…
Thank you Masaki–
I hope you succeed
in all that you create!
Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 17, 2015

Louise Fletcher All Smiles by Suzae Chevalier


Louise Fletcher smiles with cast of “Finding Home” at the Gulfstream Hotel circa 2005 photo by Sue Chevalier

Tenth Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival 2005

Louise Fletcher was all smiles.

I photographed her at the Gulfstream Hotel

festival was fun, I remember it well.

I shot photos of Louise and cast

captured on film for memories to last.

Louise was in the famous movie

“One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Louise Fletcher was at her prime-

she was nominated for best actress.

Acting in her new drama film–

“Finding Home” was no run of the mill.

I went to see her later at the preview showing

I photographed Louise again-

she was glowing.

I still have photos of her with fellow cast members

preserved in time so everyone can remember.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 31, 2011

Night Of The Dog by Suzae Chevalier


Filmed in L.A. and

shown in Palm Beach

the crew of this film

was peachy peach.

Funny film that

I did see, I photographed

the crew in West Palm Beach

also at the hotel named the Gulfstream.

Now I have photos of Jeremy, two Peters

Michael, Eshom and Ian–

These are comic Actors worth seeing.

Especially when one cast member

kissed Razel puppet on the lips–

this photo is totally hilarious!

Now catch this NIGHT OF THE DOG on DVD–

You will laugh and then you will see

this movie is worth admission times three.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 2nd 2011



Henry Jackson on Franklin Ave.


Henry in deep thought



Flashbulbs flash on camera in hand

Henry shot photos of my magical lands.

Henry the first professional photographer whom

Photographed me in different costumes.

We had a blast in city of St Paul

That is where videotaped me

Going up stairs to the carousel.

He was the first photographer who

Shot me at daycares—

He filmed my first Melodie doll.

Henry was a photographer who

Had a natural gift

He always got the children together

And they smiled with ease.

Thank you Henry for being a kind friend

A gracious photographer shooting

the very beginnings of Krendoll land.

Written by Suzae Chevalieron September 9, 2015

James The Interesting Cat – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


James is his name and video is his game
he makes funny videos that are off the chain.
Like the one of Razel who is a puppet with evil eyes
James made her lips move, to totally hypnotize.
James and Razel are in photo along with me
he has a great smile with big bright white teeth.
He admires all musicians from recent to past
like pianist Beethoven and Miles Davis’s original jazz.
James is a musician himself in his studio he has instruments and even masks.
Yes, masks that are totally cool, but his drums are original too.
Both have an African feel, even an island décor that is seems surreal.
James is from New York and wears a lot of bling
he wears a hat with sunglasses which is favorite thing.
He looks like a cool cat that has seen it all
especially in NYC where he was on the ball.
For he shot interesting photos for a famous magazine
he shot video interesting but clean.
James has a kind heart for he photographed me for free
at an Indian clothing store owned by John A. Rooney.
Thanks James for believing in the artist in me
and all the children you inspire and teach.
I forgot to tell you, my cousin really like the
wood airplane that was his favorite gift.

By Suzae Chevalier on August 23,2011

Spontaneous Photographer Allen Scwartz by Suzae Chevalier



Click, click Allen’s camera goes
he clicks away as I pose…
At the Hazelden Art Show
I had on display my inspirational poems.
Allen interviewed me back in 1999
he asked me about my books I was working on at the time.
Allen invited me down to the Sunshine state
he introduced me to artist at the ‘Hut’ which was great!
introducing me to artists like Alan, Jack Barry and Harry
Allen took photographs of Christmas party very merry!
Allen recorded me one day in the quaint Lake Worth town
with artist Harvey who had fun clowning around.
Allen then had dark hair with a new style-
I found this photograph of him and it brought me a smile.
I just saw Allen on Thanksgiving this year
Allen again who was full of good cheer.
Thanks Allen for being a friend with a playful soul-
I look forward to more of your fun photos that glow!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 28,2013

Photographer from Chicago by Suzae Chevalier



In the department store on Nicollet Mall

a photographer photographed me from Chicago.

He came back before snowy and blurry

MN Twins were winning the World Series.

Photographs were taken when I was young

it was great I had a lot of fun.

Now the roll of film almost became lost–

another photographer found it before it was tossed.

If anything I still have photos to show I was young and a glow

in this cold freezing state with a bunch of snow.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 5, 2011






Donald Trump’s Secret Kept Safe

BestScanTrump (1)

Light bulbs flash and celebrity smiles

all for a photo in ‘Fashion & Style’.

Now at Palm Beach Today

photographer Sue Chevalier

snaps photos of Donald & Melania

on the morning of Easter Sunday.

Just around the same time that year

Melania conceived a gift that was very dear.

Now Sue heard the news and never did brag

she was not a squealer who makes money on rag mags.

Unlike a photographer who heard “You’re fired” with no tears

selling photos of Donald’s wedding so cavalier.

Of course Sue was not at their wedding

Sue was not near—

she was in Bora Bora

having fun times with good cheer.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Jan.31, 2011



At the Lake Street Painting festival I did meet,

a photographer named Kim who is really sweet.

He shot photos of my princess on sidewalk not street.

being a rogue artist the sidewalk was the place,

that I decided to use my chalk to paint.

Paint a small square by the Hummingbird hotel,

Kim shot great photos of Sarah Star not Mel.

Since then Kim shot photos of my 3×5,

also castle scene painting this year with keen eye.

We went to wildlife Wakodahatchee, Delray Beach by Jog.

we photographed birds, alligators and frogs.

Kim visited me at the Royal Art & Music Fest,

photos he took turned out best above all the rest.

Kim says he’s my fan, and never charges a fee,

he supports all artists like cartoonist like me.

Thank you Kim

for being a great photographer and friend.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 19, 2011




In the north woods lives a deer by a tree

it looks in the window at Rick Kessler’s feet.

He is sitting on the couch watching t.v.

Then deer walks around to see …

he is in studio now working on a lake scene.

See Rick work on his photos in his office–

he is cropping photos for he is not a novice.

Photos will go on a placemat

images of wildlife like flowers and plants.

One photo he took of many in a row–

Melodie sits on UniCandle unicorn his flame a glow.

This was in the fall before it began to snow.

Photo is now on a greeting card–

it is the cutest image of Melodie by far.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2011