Poet and Artist


Our Families of Today are like Cane and Abel

Pray for our children

We are spiritually responsible for our children’s spiritual protection. We need to stop dressing our kids up in Halloween costumes–making our kids vulnerable to the dark forces. Remember we wrestle not with the flesh but principalities, forces of darkness in the spiritual realm.

We as visual, and literary artists need to learn about the spiritual realm and where we get our ideas from. Is this the Holy Spirit talking to you or a demon?

We need to take God’s Word seriously. This is spiritual food for our soul. We are dependent on God for our Salvation. Thank Him today!


Consciousness does not require a brain,

consciousness is in the smallest slug,

Ghosts exist; they are beings that never crossed over,

Death is not Final; you are from source you cannot destroy energy,

Magic is Real; it’s another term for manifesting

Good/Evil is how we use law of attraction.