Poet and Artist


Scientists For President by Suzae Chevalier

Scientists give you the straight line,

they experiment and then hypothesis.

Their experiments are not based on lies.

They are not funded by lobbyists

that have agendas and lists.

Scientists are not trying to impress.

they don’t keep things close to the vest.

Scientists are here to help the environment.

They don’t need scandals and to repent.

They will listen to everyone’s side

they formulate and do not criticize.

Once they know “what’s working” they

“share” the surprise.

Now American’s let US take a different view,

of how the government should be run not just for a few

but for the People, Animals, Wild Life, and Plant Life

on Which It Stands-

let US Bring Back Integrity To This Land.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on January 27, 2012

Tribute To Our Troops by Suzae Chevalier






For the brave hearts that go forward each day

for US citizens would not be free

from their past dictators of tyranny.

For the brave hearts that go forward each day

We should pray for them for they

might not be here the next day.

Send prayers for them to the angels above

to bring peace to them and those they love.

We should give thanks to them

for their courage to carry on

Pray that they are safe, protected and strong,

To this we owe them.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Aug.2, 2011Updated May 29, 2016

ARTIST NANCY WALLER by Suzae Chevalier

I remember hearing a voice
‘go down this road’, was the first choice.
The road 42nd West, in south Minneapolis.
Great visual artist I would meet
She drew endangered species detailed and neat.
Nancy Waller was her name
She published booklets on endangered species
to help bring about awareness and change
to save Earth’s creatures from death and pain.
Melodie my doll, loved her most of all
Nancy has a place in her heart even though
Melodie is kind of small.
She went to her see her at the museum,
took photos with her that where very pleasing.
Melodie was happy for Nancy designed
coloring books of Melodie just cute and fine.
Nancy got my books off to a great start
she inspired me and has a pure heart.
Thank you Nancy for inspiration and passion too
you’re a great artist, through and through.

Written by Suzae Chevalier September 9, 2011

updated on May 4, 2016

Prince Walks By Poem by Suzae Chevalier

Ambience is
almost of candle light
I seem him vaguely in
restaurant/club that night.
Protected by 2 men
that are very tall
looking at him
he’s short and small.
No one knows he is there,
eating at his favorite place
without a care.
Except for my friend,
he said he came out of
“room for men”.
Prince looked at me
but I did not see,
I was too busy being hungry.
Next time I will pay the way
for his birthday with a cake on a tray.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 4,2011



The Street Painting Artist work

in the hot sun or rain-

They bring years of experience

some are of young age.

Some are self taught

some have master’s degrees–

but all have originality.

Please go to the website www.streetpaintingfestivalinc.org

to see about being a sponsor in year seventeen-

You can donate anonymous or be seen–

with a name plate on the street.

You can advertise in the program-

which gives this event a supportive hand.

Thank you for all in years past

for supporting

the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

that is here to last.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 24, 2016





Street Painting Festival was a great success

painted mermaid castle scene I did express

that Melodie’s birthday party ended swell

Razel was hiding in scene

no one could tell.

Tons of people passing by

sun shining brightly in the sky.

My back and shoulders did get burned,

spray sunscreen every 90 minutes I did learn

friends brought me water for concerned.

All in all the festival was great

many guys, but no soul mate.

Except Italian guy with tattooed arms

annoyed me to death but meant no harm.

He stood by me and talked and talked

as I painted scene with colored chalk.

Coloring books I gave out some for free

others sold at Stuart Rooney’s

Import store
on table by door.

All in all the show was great

next year I can’t wait

for then I will paint

a totally different funny scene

ventriloquist doll on my knee.

Razel puppet on my hand

making fun of all humans.

Written by Suzae Chevalier March 3, 2011

www.majestymermaid.com www.suzae.com

Children Are Like Butterflies


Children are like butterflies

that morph before your eyes

They can be molded–

but please sympathize.

Please treat children like

the precious beings they are-

let them take flight

and be a shining star.

Keep them smiling

even at age ten-

Make sure you really

listen to them-

and be their friend.

Children are geniuses

that can help the world

so encourage every boy and girl

that you meet to be the best they can be

for they are like the butterflies

colorful to show us how to be free.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 17, 2016


Steve Jobs Remembered – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Something about Steve Jobs people don’t know now
his parents met in Wisc. with the cows.
Steve dad’s is Arabic so marriage was a no, no.
didn’t stop them from having a kid in San Francisco.
He invented the personal computer, the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone
he left a legacy with inventions still unknown.
Steve Jobs is compared to Albert Einstein
Steve was the genius of our time.
He never finished college with a degree
he has done a lot to help the human race succeed.
Steve Jobs we will all miss you
“Please Rest In Peace.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 7, 2011

Tennis with Evgeni Plushenko by Suzae Chevalier


On the tennis courts in the

Land of a thousand lakes

Evgeni Plushenko not wearing skates.

He was playing tennis

with Ann, Ellie and me-

I took photos of Ellie swinging

Her hair carefree.

Then Ann took a photo of me and

Evgeni with his tennis attire

He was a gentlemen-

More than a medieval squire.

His coach Alexei Mishin-

I did meet-

I told him I might have Russian blood

He said you are way too pretty.

What a compliment from a coach

who made Evgeni an

Olympic World Champion

Thank you Ann for this

memory in time

Ann is an Olympic figure skating coach

who has had a very interesting life.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2015

Hello Puppet Lady by Suzae Chevalier


Rays Key West Grille, Lake Worth Florida 2005

Hello Puppet Lady–

though they never knew you at all

You told your Krendoll stories

to toddlers who listened while they crawled.

You walked out on to the Improv stage

Razel whispered into your brain

Hemp named you Puppet Lady-

But Razel puppet got in the way.

And it seems you lived your life

Like UniCandle unicorn’s flame

in the wind

Never knowing who to cling to

When Razel’s ice spell set in.

Being Puppet Lady was tough

The toughest role you ever played

But Lake Worth created the Puppit Lady

Just ask good friend Jim Atkins who went

with you on the comedy stage.

And I would of like to have known you

But you were with Melodie Mezoree’

Lighting birthday cakes with candles

With UniCandle unicorn’s magical flame.

Hello Puppet Lady–

You’re more than our Puppet Lady

much more than your Razel puppet–

And your doll Melodie Mezoree’.

And it seems to me you lived your life

Like a puppet with no strings

With no parachute to catch you

When the Rum Shack stage fell in.

Hello Puppet Lady–

From the old man Jim Atkins in the 3rd row

Thank you for the memories At Ray’s,

South Shores and Rumshack comedy show.

And I would have liked to have been

apart of your comedy act– But Razel got in the way-

don’t worry Melodie still loves me

and UniCandle unicorn’s flame

still burns brightly on all the candles

of children’s birthday cakes.

Re-edited by Suzae Chevalier on October 5, 2015 for

the late James Gordon Atkins and the late William John Maroney