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Vacation Poems



Springtime in Memphis Tennessee

traveling with friend

last named pronounced Lee.

Stopping at a coffee bar

taking photos with local star.

Then going to river named Mississippi

taking sideway photos of Melodie.

Then off to Elvis’s daughters plane

“Lisa Marie” across from Graceland.

Brick wall with graffiti by fans for the King

just plain writing with no sparkling bling.

Elvis’s mansion surrounded by gate

store nearby with Elvis plate.

And of course an Elvis toy

given as gift for girl or boy.

Razel did take photo with King

she got a kiss, but wanted a fling.

Then up north from there is downtown

we stopped and listened to Jazz all around.

Razel took photos with ‘singers of the blues’

she posed sideways with no shoes

singers laughing totally amused.

Then Razel took a 1 hr snooze

while driving to Florida to get on a cruise.

Memphis was fun don’t get me wrong

this is the place where Elvis still sings his songs.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 4,2011



Melodie lost her underwear in Cancun…


Who would of guessed?

she was soaking up the sun…

then a storm came through-

she didn’t know what to do…

So she hid under a tree,

yes, Zac, Monica Razel and Melodie!!!

Then when things mellowed out–

she realized she had a cool aid stain

that needed Shout It Out!

So she went for a bath in the sink…

she forgot–

I didn’t think–

she lost her underwear in the sink…

Now she only wears socks with her dress

no one cares for she’s a doll with no chest!

Written on April 30, 2015 by Suzae Chevalier