Suzae Chevalier

Poet and Artist


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Back when I was dating Rich

he gave me one of Kiss’s guitar pics.

Gene Simons handed it to him- –

in the 1978 recording session.

“I Was Made For Loving You Baby”

the song they were recording at the time

Gene was playing the bass and singing just divine.

Now if I google the price of this guitar pic

It would be the price of ten times 9

-but I’m not selling mine.

I will play my pink guitar with it someday

By the way let me segue- into the next poem on this page.

which is: “Richie Sambora’s Guitar Pic”

Pic is signed especially by him.

The guitar was made for- “Stranger in this Town”

Richie Sambora is a Cowboy not a clown.

I got it from Rich who hung around

Richie in one of New Jersey’s towns.

Anyways, buy Richie’s CD on or CD Baby so you can play it all night long- –

and also do remember this song—

“Runaway” which is my teenage favorite-

this is the song that made Bon Jovi become famous.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 30, 2011


Death of the soul is real. We are soul, body and spirit. If we are not born again in the spirit we will surely die. Our souls are eternal. We are either in hell for eternity or we are in heaven for eternity. And guess what? We have a spiritual body in heaven. I think I choose to make Jesus Christ my Savior. As Jesus said in John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Which will you choose? You will have to give an account for your free will to God one day and the verdict will be death if you are not Saved by the Lord Jesus Christ who conquered “Death” for all of us. Through Jesus you have eternal life. If you deny Jesus you have eternal death. Death in Hell. Hell is real as the nose on our face. I think we should all of humanity should be concerned about death and the afterlife and take it more seriously for this is your soul you are talking about, God’s creation which scientist can not come close to the supernatural of God and his son Lord Jesus Christ.

Hummingbird Hotel


There one was a Hummingbird hotelin Lake Worth I remember it well.

For it has stories to be told one is about Al Capone.

He stayed with his gang on one of the floors

betting on a team that would have a top score.

Betting on a boxing match

that was played in Chicago

little did anyone literally know.

Many years later I would paint on the sidewalk

just outside–

I was happy and filled with pride.

I was a rogue artist that did not give up–

even when they said there was no more spots.

Now this year the

Hummingbird hotel will be reopened

 with more stories need to be told–

Thank you Winston

for sharing what you know

and letting be in the Street Painting show.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 21, 2011

Bahamas Cruise 2006

On a cruise ship I did sail

going to the Bahamas

remembering it well.

Listening to bands that played

dance hits of their day–

That’s when the word

happy meant gay.

Taking photos on the deck

eating lobster, shrimp and steak.

Raining when ship does land

can not sunbathe on the sand.

Walking around to see the sights
Bahama’s tote bag I did buy–
A tote bag that caught my eye
even Bahamian lady very pleased.

I put them in my Bahama’s tote

More sightseeing before getting on boat.

Walking around the town

bargains everywhere to be found.

Now I will go back some day soon

I will look for stars and moons.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February. 24,2011

Danced with Donald Trump


Danced with Donald in a dream
I thought it was very funny and very strange.
I told him I wrote a poem about Melania and him
it was a quick poem I wrote on a whim.
Donald responded
‘those people are nuts– that whole gang, ‘
and I know what he meant,
this is New York and Jersey slang.
In poem I write that I took photos of his Slavic wife
when she was carrying a precious life.
This happened when I was working for Palm Beach Today.
Photos shot at Mara A Largo better than Hotel Elegante’.
Then I noticed his belly protruded with fat
He told me he just ate a black bat.
Then I woke up realizing it was just a dream
I thought thank heaven life is not this extreme.

By Suzae Chevalier on August 31,2011



Michael Jackson accomplished a lot

he was a kid when starting out,

Singing in the Jackson 5-

his talent as a singer made it come alive

Michael had the groove and the beat

he made songs that got you off your feet.

He also made songs that made you think.

Now Michael was a Pisce’s moon he had a great imagination

and great big heart too.

Thank You Michael Jackson for the happiness you brought–

You made the planet happier singing songs to dance to on the spot.

Many great memories for people learning to dance the moon walk.

and my fondest memory dancing at The Cottage to his song

“Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 17, 2011

To Philly 2007

Catching a long train from Penn Station
I went to Philly for a mini vacation.
Traveling over the longest bridge
chugging along a vast mountain ridge.
Visited publisher in Philly that day
it was warm and sunny I do say.
Waking up refreshed to sightsee–
Taxi driver picked me up for free.
I saw statues with soldier on horse
Me being a ham for the camera–photo taken
by Masonic Temple plaque of course.
This was the last photo for we felt under attack
afraid of homeless people sleeping on their backs.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 12,2011

To Memphis 2006

“Lisa Marie” plane across from Graceland-

that is where I pose for my fans…

Brick wall with graffiti by fans for the King,

just plain writing with no sparkling bling.

Elvis’s mansion surrounded by gate,

store nearby with Elvis plate.

And of course an Elvis toy

given as gift for girl or boy.

I, Razel did take photo with the King-

I got a kiss, but wanted a fling.

Then up north from there is downtown

stopped and listened to Jazz all around.

I took photos with ‘singers of the blues’

posed sideways with no shoes

singers laughing totally amused.

while driving to Florida to get on a cruise.

Memphis was fun don’t get me wrong–

this is the place where Elvis still sings his songs!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 4,2011



Jack Barry who was born on April 17th

Born a day before me he was Aries all firey–

He was a great friend and artist indeed.

He took me to lunch when I first came

To the “Artist Hut”.

Yes, Jack had a studio in Flamingo Park

Next to railroad tracks where dogs barked.

He did all kinds of style painting–

Fresco he was known for—

I have his one big painting by my door.

He was a great storyteller and a U.S. Vet-

He had a very interesting life of all the people

I have met.

I inherited his butterfly necklace people do see–

When I wear it around my neck all sparkly.

Thanks Jack for being a friend to me.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 30, 2015

Poem Dedicated to Jack Barry

April 17, 1948- Aug. 7, 2013