Suzae Chevalier

Poet and Artist

Krendoll island Birthday reading of “Sarah’s Special Birthday”

Prince Visits Me

Dreaming on my birthday this year
Prince visits me so dear.
He was dressed in latest fashion
with a new hairstyle so cool
he talked to me sincerely
and was very upbeat.
He said he remembers seeing me
at his favorite restaurant on Hennepin Ave.
He was down to Earth a great friend to have.
We went to a concert and we sat in the back row
nobody bothered us
he liked his privacy I do know.
I read him the poem I wrote about him
in the year two thousand and eleven–
he must of known of the poem even in heaven.
In the poem I talk about saying ‘Happy Birthday’
to him with a cake on tray,
just like I do in ‘Sarah’s Special Birthday’
Thank you Prince for visiting me and taking me out
it made my birthday without a doubt!

Written on April 18, 2017 by Suzae Chevalier

Mommy and Suzy with Doll by Suzae Chevalier

Suzy is happy that mommy is near
she all holds her and her doll so dear.
Suzy is wearing her favorite red shoes
Suzy dances in them to her favorite tune.
In the city of Cottage Grove is were they were
Suzy memories with her doll when she was a girl
are etched in her mind with her mommy too
this photo was taken before Suzy went to school.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 13,  2017

Krendoll island birthday with Sarah Star and Earthanian girl Elsie and Garden fairy

Ego Or Soul by Suzae Chevalier


We live in a world of illusion


Where our reality is not what it seems.


One is of the ego, the other is of the soul’s destiny.


My heart is filled with great love


for I am one with my soul’s eternity –


Other dimensional beings see us as waves of light.


We are not our bodies, our emotions,


and not our image of wrong and right


but our soul which is which shines day or night.


We need to see people without a body,


see them down to their soul


and not get caught up in their fragile ego.


 Written by Suzae Chevalier updated from poem ‘Appearances’ 1995 Suzae Chevalier