Suzae Chevalier

Poet and Artist

Schumacher’s Fashion Show At Breakers Hotel – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Chuck Schumacher owns Schumacher Chevrolet

I photographed Chuck’s family for Palm Beach Today.

Year was 2005 in the early spring

photos were taken at Breaker’s Hotel with a lot of bling.

Photos for Schumacher’s Fashion show

where of models dressed from head to toe.

Designer dresses and frilly hats

models dressed in colorful spring wear, shorts and pants.

Photos shot of models on center stage

models strutting down long runway.

My first photo shoot that I did participate

Shiny Sheet follows me make no mistake.

Schumacher grandparents and grandchildren

pose side by side

they are very gracious with happy smiles.

Photographs turn out really great

they are published the very next day.

Sensational first fashion photo shoot

glamorous fundraiser and very exciting to boot!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 15, 2012



Shaman journeyed and saw a northern tree
then saw two crows with two letter “C’s”
Asked me if I had to two “C’s” in my name
I said “Yes, Christina and Chevalier–two letters the same.”
I said I was afraid of crows as a child
they swooped down on me, I was scared I didn’t smile.
He said they were getting my attention to let me know-
they were my Power Animal and they were not going to harm me so.
Now I journey with Crow who is psychic and clever
I read people’s Power Animals like four legged ones, fish and birds with feathers-
Readings of Power animals readings confirm in real time
I see interesting confirmations of animals that are sublime.
Thank you Crow for helping me so dear
your Power animal is there for you and is sincere.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 17, 2016

Funny Times With Rich by Suzae Chevalier




Electric guitar plays the sounds
of Rich’s guitar to the crowd.
The crowd at bar called the Paradise
in West Palm Beach and it was nice.
Shooting photographs of Rich’s band
I made interesting photos of Rich
Augie the lead singer screamed and sang.
Now this was in the year 2005
it was before Clematis came alive.
Construction mess was just outside
while band played on wildly just inside.
One night Razel puppet stole the show
end of night Augie was red angry with a glow.
Check out Augie’s photo on
it is a really funny photo of Razel I have found.
Thanks Rich for some happy times
never a dull moment I can testify.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 24, 2011

We Need To Ban Together by Suzae Chevalier


Melodie Mezoree’ paper doll says “I Love You”

We need to ban together
to make
a New U.S. of A.
Let your goodwill shine
We need more love
in these upheaval times.
We can write a new story
that say’s what we want to see
were everyone is FREE.
Free from having to worry
is it us against them?
Our government is:
We the People
who are ALL
See how WE all affect
Each Other and having
a rippling affect-
We need to see WE
Only the Mass Consciousness
can CHANGE Our Ways
of how are PLANET
will BE in these TRIUMPHANT days.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 11, 2016

Tennis With Evgeni Plushenko – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


On the tennis courts in the

Land of a thousand lakes

Evgeni Plushenko not wearing skates.

He was playing tennis

with Ann, Ellie and me-

I took photos of Ellie swinging

Her hair carefree.

Then Ann took a photo of me and

Evgeni with his tennis attire

He was a gentlemen-

More than a medieval squire.

His coach Alexei Mishin-

I did meet-

I told him I might have Russian blood

He said you are way too pretty.

What a compliment from a coach

who made Evgeni an

Olympic World Champion

Thank you Ann for this

memory in time

Ann is an Olympic figure skater coach

who has had an interesting life.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2015

“Prime Time Sports” of Colorado Sprints honors Veterans


Colin Kaepernick may have started the kneeling in protest of America ‘s national

anthem, but Stephen Martin, owner of “Prime Time Sports” in Colorado Springs ,

Colorado has started a patriotic rising unlike anything that’s ever been done before.

Martin first took a stand when NFL player Brandon Marshall refused to stand

for the anthem.   Immediately, Martin canceled Marshall ‘s scheduled autograph

signing event in his store.  But he wasn’t done.   He replaced the star’s event

with something entirely different in his store, and in one week, it has grown to

epic proportions that he can hardly even keep up with now.

He put out a post on Facebook, respectfully disagreeing with the disrespect of the

nation’s flag and anthem, then proceeded to explain just what the flag means to him,

and the sacrifice of all the men and women who have fought for it.     Martin invited

people to send photos of their loved ones who are veterans, in active service, or who

have been injured or given their lives in the line of duty.


The photos started pouring in from all across the country, and as fast as they were

emailed, Martin printed them off and taped them to his store front window.  Americans

are sharing their photos and stories on his Facebook page, as well as sending to him

through email, and each day he has posted photos of the progress.




A hug is more powerful than a gun

It makes receiver HAPPIER

No harm done.

We need to focus with deliberate


What we want our nation to look like

How our money is spent.

Is it spent on guns or is it spent

On fun?

People see no gun crime

They all use their inner divine.

No honking at cars, shootings and

or road rage-

Instead Everyone smiles with a wave.
For WE have found a better way

By imagining a brighter image

Of the people of the US of A.

WE don’t need to build a wall

For in the end

it will FALL.

We need to build Bridges

And help UNITE

All the Races with a smile not a fight.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 29, 2016



Living on the Ritzy side

Rolls Royce’s are the choice of ride

and mansions paid by family’s pride

hidden by bushes is where they hide.

Crossing the water where the dolphins swim

you see another world that looks a little grim.

For shopping carts are more the norm

transporting laundry even during a storm.

Then there is the drug dealers, crack houses and prostitutes too

Trying to exist day to day without a clue.

Now I hear they are saying they are going to bulldoze all this

You know it’s people can’t fight with money or resist–

for poverty is not really solved it still PERSISTS.

We need to create a better way,

to solve this problem of tomorrow and today.

Since then I hear of Millionaire Reality Show

Where a Millionaire comes to the Ghetto.

I talked to him, and he shared he was scared

but acting like it was more of a dare.

“Well, I lived over there” I said

which went way over his head.

It was almost like talking to a piece of bread.

Living in the ghetto, I prayed and I cared.

People are REAL and they are scared.

Let’s start from a common ground

To change this Palm Beach County town.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 24, 2011

 Jenna Talackova Won Her Case by Suzae Chevalier



At first Donald did not agree

for Jenna was a male with a different


but Jenna Talackova won her case

Now she can compete with taste.

Donald wished her luck once-

his organization said ‘Yes’ and it stuck.

Back in year 2005

Miss Universe came walking by.

I was told to take her photo quite nice

I did, I did not think twice.

Miss Universe’s photo I did take

at Mar-a-Largo on spring break.

at Mar-a-Largo on spring break.

I would of never would of guessed

if this woman was born this way

so it does it matter if she is was

straight, transgender or gay?

I couldn’t detect from the naked eye

so God would be the only one to testify

so God would be the only one to testify.

We have free will that the source gave to us

so who cares if Rosy was a Russ.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 10, 2012

Dear Honorable Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


September 14, 2016

Dear Honorable Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

I sent this email below to President Obama, The First Lady, all of the Senators, and Governors. I emailed you this email below on October 13th. These suggestions below can affect the American people. These concepts can change the course of how our Great Country, the United States of America will run to protect its American citizens.

I am writing you this email to suggest four new laws that protect the identities of American citizens from mug shots being used on the internet/social media and to have these laws be placed into action by lawmakers.

First Law: I believe for the American Citizen mug shots are a human rights violation. First and foremost, no mug shot should be taken of an innocent American citizen before trial. Fingerprints should be the means for identifying the citizen at time of arrest. There should be a law against mug shots being taken of American citizens until proven guilty, unless acts of violence that cause detrimental consequences to the person(s) they harm.

Second Law: Websites on the internet should not demand that American citizens pay exuberant amounts to take mug shots off their websites. There should be a law that no website should display mug shots to the American people/worldwide and also extort money out of innocent American citizens to have mug shots removed from their websites.

Third Law: American citizens can only be placed in correctional facilities on the basis of “Actual Evidence” not “Probable Cause”. I would like to suggest the law should be rectified to say “Actual Evidence”. As an American citizen the statement of “Innocent to Proven Guilty” should be changed to “Innocent to Proven Accountable”. Guilt is an emotion, not an action.

Fourth Law: I would also like to suggest that the media should not place American citizens on their news/websites or in their newspapers until American citizen has been proven guilty in court. When media run articles or do a televised report on television they are actually committing perjury and slandering the American citizen’s name. This has harmed many small business people and individuals from generating money for their families and themselves. Exceptions to this would when be the media televises individuals that have cause detrimental consequences to the person(s) they harm to warn the general public of them.

I look forward to great reform being made in the Criminal Justice System. Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking the time to read this email.

Suzae Chevalier