Poet and Artist



“When you die, if you are Saved you will go up in a spiritual body. If you are not Saved, the demons will take your soul in chains to hell for eternity. “Jesus is the only one in heaven you can pray to, no Saint is going to heal you or Save you.”

“Heaven is where you go when you have repented of sin, made Jesus Christ your Savior and ask for his mercy everyday.”

“There is no past lives. Man is ordained to only live once. Satan has lied through the New Age movement, Buddhism and all forms of idolatry.”

“You cross the street, get hit by a truck, now that’s  or cause and effect. Now you can also walk a across the street but get pushed out of the way before getting hit by that same truck, now that’s your guardian angel from heaven.” “If you hear a voice that tells you to jump in front of that truck, that is a demon.” “You know what you say to that demon?” “Go to hell…in the name of Jesus!”

“Consciousness is in the smallest slug, but Jesus dwells in your heart.”

“Ghosts, fairies, elves, and even spacecraft is from demons” Satan is the prince of the air and the prince of lies.

“Death is only Final when your spirit is not redeemed; Energy can’t be destroyed, so you are either eternally in heaven (Life) or eternally in hell(death). Jesus is the only way to the Father, to heaven.”

“Magic is from the hell dimensions; it’s another way for using demons”

“Good/Evil is Heaven and Hell, Light/Darkness, there is no in between.”

“Evil happens when you are a slave to sin, once in divine nature you come from the heart”

“Science is catching up with God.” I said to a Cleveland friend in 2003 Now I say-“Science is never going to catch up with God.” March 21, 2018

“Consciousness does not require a brain, but to love requires a heart.”


“Your Spirit is way larger than your physical body, so it has the most power”

“Birds make me happy every day”

”Letting go of the past and forgiveness of Spirit is the only way for blessings, healings to stay from Holy Spirit.”

”We are  souls, mind, consciousness in a human body, and our Spirit belongs to God. Make sure it is redeemed before you die by making Jesus your Savior.”

”WE are One Family in Christ, if we just remember Jesus is the only way to  solve all our societies’ problems in regards to every issue of mankind.”

“We have lost the putting of God into what we do to solve our problems.”

”WE were all Babies at one time, if we can just remember that, and realize we were innocent, we can have more compassion for anyone that has wronged us.”

”Your thoughts and behaviors and all your secrets will be known when you are judged by God.”

”Everything is a gift, because you can’t take it with you. If you can remember that, the next time you lose something or someone steals from you, you will see it in a new light.”

”Trees have become more precious than an unborn baby’s life, We as mankind have become lost, confused and immoral.”