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Tennis With Evgeni Plushenko – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


On the tennis courts in the

Land of a thousand lakes

Evgeni Plushenko not wearing skates.

He was playing tennis

with Ann, Ellie and me-

I took photos of Ellie swinging

Her hair carefree.

Then Ann took a photo of me and

Evgeni with his tennis attire

He was a gentlemen-

More than a medieval squire.

His coach Alexei Mishin-

I did meet-

I told him I might have Russian blood

He said you are way too pretty.

What a compliment from a coach

who made Evgeni an

Olympic World Champion

Thank you Ann for this

memory in time

Ann is an Olympic figure skater coach

who has had an interesting life.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11, 2015

Hugged Grandma Paltrow by Suzae Chevalier


Standing outside with Dorothy Paltrow on a warm sunny day
she is smiling and chatting looks young for her age.
Her CNA is there, we all laughed and talked away.
Then I told them I don’t work here anymore
they were both sad, for they liked my smile-
they enjoyed my company while I was there for awhile.
I helped them with the carts and also held their door.
They would miss my small chats with them they adored.
So then when it was time to say goodbye
I first gave a hug to Dorothy’s CNA
then Dorothy looked at me to say
‘Can I have a hug also my dear? ‘
I replied ‘Of course’ and hugged her in her chair.
Looking again at them both I said ‘Goodbye’
before I turned with a tear in my eye.

Written by Suzae Chevalier September 13,2012

Prince Passes By


Ambience is
almost of candle light
I seem him vaguely in
restaurant/club that night.
Protected by 2 men
that are very tall
looking at him
he’s short and small.
No one knows he is there,
eating at his favorite place
without a care.
Except for my friend,
he said he came out of
“room for men”.
Prince looked at me
but I did not see
I was too busy being hungry.
Next time I will pay the way
for his birthday with a cake on a tray.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 4, 2011

Saw Cher On A Tour Bus


On a bus I did ride
I was traveling down Las Vegas Blvd in the night.
Many people I did see
they all looked happily back at me.
I did surprisingly see a nun
then I looked up and saw a security guard with a gun.
The bus did stop and the wheels did squeak
I saw the profile of Cher the singer’s left sparkling cheek.
She was quite hidden for she had on a headdress,
colorful feathers that shaped into a crest.
She was on her way to her own concert this time,
with her entourage was patiently waiting outside,
I realize I was on Cher’s tour bus with nowhere to hide!
Click, click the cameras went
I snuck off the bus to Cher’s concert event.
It was at the Las Vegas Caesars Palace
it was all lit up like nighttime in Dallas.
I thought no way in all my days
I would see Cher before she got on stage.
That was just my luck, I heard the alarm and then woke up.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on October 10, 2011

Chuck Negron Of Three Dog Night


Chuck Negron who I did meet

is really sincere and really sweet.

Chuck wrote “Three Dog Nightmare”.

almost like one of Razel’s “Frightmares”

It’s about his drug addiction

& his word of hope

for anyone addicted to or strung out on dope.

I told him I wrote’Poems of

Inspiration and Recovery’

People who read them

can feel better with discovery.

My poems have words in them

like the word “pray”.

These poems along with his book

where on display

in Hazelden Ctr. that very same day.

Chuck did sign my book to alias Suzae

Now buy it on Amazon or at

your local bookstore

it’s worth every penny

and then some more.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 2nd 2011



guitar_pics 007guitar_pics 005

Back when I was dating Rich

he gave me one of Kiss’s guitar pics.

Gene Simons handed it to him- –

in the 1978 recording session.

“I Was Made For Loving You Baby”

the song they were recording at the time

Gene was playing the bass and singing just divine.

Now if I google the price of this guitar pic

It would be the price of ten times 9

-but I’m not selling mine.

I will play my pink guitar with it someday

By the way let me segue- into the next poem on this page.

which is: “Richie Sambora’s Guitar Pic”

Pic is signed especially by him.

The guitar was made for- “Stranger in this Town”

Richie Sambora is a Cowboy not a clown.

I got it from Rich who hung around

Richie in one of New Jersey’s towns.

Anyways, buy Richie’s CD on amzon.com

Buy.com or CD Baby so you can play it all night long- –

and also do remember this song—

“Runaway” which is my teenage favorite-

this is the song that made Bon Jovi become famous.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 30, 2011

Danced with Donald Trump


Danced with Donald in a dream
I thought it was very funny and very strange.
I told him I wrote a poem about Melania and him
it was a quick poem I wrote on a whim.
Donald responded
‘those people are nuts– that whole gang, ‘
and I know what he meant,
this is New York and Jersey slang.
In poem I write that I took photos of his Slavic wife
when she was carrying a precious life.
This happened when I was working for Palm Beach Today.
Photos shot at Mara A Largo better than Hotel Elegante’.
Then I noticed his belly protruded with fat
He told me he just ate a black bat.
Then I woke up realizing it was just a dream
I thought thank heaven life is not this extreme.

By Suzae Chevalier on August 31,2011



Michael Jackson accomplished a lot

he was a kid when starting out,

Singing in the Jackson 5-

his talent as a singer made it come alive

Michael had the groove and the beat

he made songs that got you off your feet.

He also made songs that made you think.

Now Michael was a Pisce’s moon he had a great imagination

and great big heart too.

Thank You Michael Jackson for the happiness you brought–

You made the planet happier singing songs to dance to on the spot.

Many great memories for people learning to dance the moon walk.

and my fondest memory dancing at The Cottage to his song

“Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 17, 2011

Palm Beach Today Photographer 2005

In 2005 had found-
a duplex in West Palm
Close to downtown.
I went a cross the bridge
To work for Michael’s café-
Ended up working for
Palm Beach Today.
I started out stuffing their
Newspapers with big colorful ads
Then Ron wanted me
To take photographs.
My first assignment
Was the Palm Beach Pet Parade—
Dogs and owners dressed
in costumes looking
cool in the shade.
Photos in the Gucci Courtyard
Were interesting and fun
I took a photo of a lady and her
Dog kissing towards the sun.
That photo landed me the job
The job of being a photographer
With the hob knobs.
I went to the Breakers hotel
shot a trunk show.
It was for the Schumacher family
the one’s with the Chevy cars-
The Shiny Sheet photographers
were on me, not very far.
I took photosof the Kanaris wedding
engagement party-photographed at the
Mar-A-Largo Clubvery interesting.
It was a fascinating
On Easter to take Donald Trump, and his wife

with Ron and Maya looking divine.

Paul Anka outside by pool

with Palm Beach ladies looking so cool.–

Regis ran off before  Maya could

4 months in time-
some places I visited

were very sublime.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11,2015 

Donald Trump’s Secret Kept Safe

BestScanTrump (1)

Light bulbs flash and celebrity smiles

all for a photo in ‘Fashion & Style’.

Now at Palm Beach Today

photographer Sue Chevalier

snaps photos of Donald & Melania

on the morning of Easter Sunday.

Just around the same time that year

Melania conceived a gift that was very dear.

Now Sue heard the news and never did brag

she was not a squealer who makes money on rag mags.

Unlike a photographer who heard “You’re fired” with no tears

selling photos of Donald’s wedding so cavalier.

Of course Sue was not at their wedding

Sue was not near—

she was in Bora Bora

having fun times with good cheer.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Jan.31, 2011