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Avatar Jake In NYC 2010 by Suzae Chevalier


Upper East side

is where things come alive…

in 2010

that is when

Lady Gaga costumes

were in.

Also the Avatar licensing was a craze

with Jake character who was amazed-

at funny Razel puppet was

when she kissed his face–

Funny photos we did create

to lock in memory of that time

in this New York state.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 19, 2015


Bora Bora Button


Riding in a taxi around the mountain side
I was in Bora Bora have a very funtime.
I was with Melodie and Razel who wore
their island gowns-
we were being driven all around Bora Bora’s towns.
Taxi driver was sweet and Melodie said so
she gave him a button that sparkled not glowed.
He wore on his dress to the Pearl Jewelry store,
the pearl jewelry owner remembered Melodie
who she adored.
For we met her in the airports first class waiting room
she recognized Melodie first as Melodie sang her tune.
Jewelry store lady said “I saw you on a button when the
taxi driver came in—he was very happy to have met you both—
he is a true fan.”
One day I will go back and visit, I hope his button is holding up
if not I will give many more he can wear around to the shops.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on June 27,2012

Bora Bora Connection


Bora Bora was an island with strong connection
I believe I lived there in a past life
I did not need a past life regression.
The Air Tahiti Nui logo is a flower that I draw
it is in my Sarah’s Special Birthday book
I never before saw.
I also have a birthday ceremonial chair
they use the same chair in these islands
when people get married-
it has an extra flair.
Now Paul Gauguin was a French painter
who painted a fruit basket with a knife—
I would like to revisit Bora Bora
like Gauguin did who lived there at end of his life.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 17,2012

Bora Bora 2005


In a taxi I did ride

having such a fun time.

It was Bora Bora the island

in the south.

It was such a fun time

without a doubt.

Driving with a guy in a beautiful flowered dress

“You don’t believe me?”

On the islands they love and accept.

His boyfriend was in the backseat.

Wholly pete! but he was really sweet

and small as can be.

Drove up the mountainside

ate mangos and saw

skirts made with die.

Then I did shop and buy

something that caught my eye.

A straw hat for my puppet

she wore it sitting on a tuffet.

Taxi driver did receive

button of me and Melodie.

Same with people off

the cruise ship

they video taped me

taking a dip.

At Bora Bora’s hotel

please don’t tell.

For I did crash the beach

with my doll Mel.

Then a lady at pearl jewelry store

recognized me from before

but couldn’t think of what for.

She’s sitting in the executive suite

thought I was sweet and as a treat

I could stay in Bora Bora for free.

Jewelry lady did finally realize

she saw me on the button

buttoned to dress of taxi guy

happy with all smiles and sunshine.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Feb 21,2011

Birthday in Vegas 2000 by Suzae Chevalier



Year 2000 early spring

I was staying in the “City of Sin”.

Staying in hotel called the “Stratosphere”

I went to the top, and looked down with fear.

Now I heard Tom Cruise took the sky jump down

I’m afraid of heights–

I don’t want to break my crown better to walk around the town.

We walked down the strip-

looking at all things hip–

like the Treasure Island ship.

That was some kind of a show

a spectacular in itself with things a glow.

Now many sights we did see–

like 2 parrots flying to their masters as pretty as can be.

Eating my birthday cake with Melodie

we went to a Race Rock Cafe where cars hung free-

luckily they didn’t fall on me or inner child Melodie!

so we celebrated at a restaurant

with cars in air

All good things do come to an end

I had to get back home with my friend.

A baby was crying on the plane

now my birthday was that very day.

I gave her my doll Melodie

she stopped crying but wouldn’t give her back to me.

So I played to her like Melodie needed to sleep

by counting sheep

she then smiled and gave me a wink.

That little incident made my trip

I should put into a cartoon strip.

Written by Suzae Chevalier February 21, 2011

LAS VEGAS 2000 by Suzae Chevalier



Flying back from Vegas in 2000 with my friend Ev

I was seating on the airplane I met a new friend.

She was a little girl who was crying and sad

I gave her my Melodie doll –

She became happy and glad.

She smiled with Melodie and held her real tight

She didn’t want to let go she held on with her might

I had to tell her Melodie needed to go beddy bye…

She looked like she understood and gave back Melodie

With a smile.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 27, 2015

NYC 2010 by Suzae Chevalier


The year was 2010
I was shooting a film about
Razel puppet and friends.
Shooting in NYC shots of Melodie
and her secret robot who was sitting by a tree.
Now we did shoots photos in Time Square
where people were walking everywhere.
Stopped in Toys R Us–
Razel kissed a lot of toys
without a fuss.
Melodie doll was photographed in the Macy store
shot funny shots in products galore.
Now, hopefully all these photos see the light of day
if anything they will be put on website melodiemezoree.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011

www.suzae.com and www.melodiemezoree.com www.puppetfilms.com

Airport Inspection by Suzae Chevalier

On my flight out of West Palm–I was pulled over for something wrong
I got scared I thought what is going on? They said it was something in Razel’s clone.
I thought it was funny– inspectors looked so torn
I sat there watching inspectors with gloves I took photos of them with Razel clone above.
They where looking for material that that was not pure, explosive and bad
I laughed to myself trying to find material that is explosive and then my camera came out
Taking photos before I took a picture from up above.
Up above Clone’s face– airport inspectors kept touching for a trace
A trace of suspicious material that’ ends up being stuffing
They looked like vultures picking at nothing.
Picture end up on myspace later that day
with comments so funny I have to say
This is the height of stupidity thus far
when you are traveling by plane not a car.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 6, 2011

Cleveland Hippie 2003 by Suzae Chevalier

Cleveland Ohio I went to

in 2003 yes indeed with a turtle named Toledo

named after an Ohio city.

Stayed at an artist hippie’s

House who painted Marilyn Monroe

left my props at Hippie’s sisters that

were for my Birthday show.

Artist hippie smoked pot

and thought I was really hot

so wanted me to stay but I said “no way

I’m on to Florida the sunshine state.”

So he dreamed about me with an elephant baby

I told him in the dream

“baby elephant talks and flies”

but he thought I was crazy

but baby elephant dream

kept showing up more than all the time,

he figured I’ld get rich when he finally did analyze.

Now artist’s sister still has

One of my CD’s,

it’s about Razel and

her evil boyfriend Freddy.

Now I did get most of my

Show props back, some left behind

because other friend

went through town real fast.

I really did see Cleveland

like Lake View Cemetary,

where it was gigantic

and very scary

Went to the Rock Hall of Fame,

where Cleveland said Rock was heard

there first was their claim.

Since then I went through Ohio state,

but not through Cleveland which

makes Ohio the state so great,

maybe next time at another later date.

Written by Suzae Chevalier February 18,2011



Springtime in Memphis Tennessee

traveling with friend

last named pronounced Lee.

Stopping at a coffee bar

taking photos with local star.

Then going to river named Mississippi

taking sideway photos of Melodie.

Then off to Elvis’s daughters plane

“Lisa Marie” across from Graceland.

Brick wall with graffiti by fans for the King

just plain writing with no sparkling bling.

Elvis’s mansion surrounded by gate

store nearby with Elvis plate.

And of course an Elvis toy

given as gift for girl or boy.

Razel did take photo with King

she got a kiss, but wanted a fling.

Then up north from there is downtown

we stopped and listened to Jazz all around.

Razel took photos with ‘singers of the blues’

she posed sideways with no shoes

singers laughing totally amused.

Then Razel took a 1 hr snooze

while driving to Florida to get on a cruise.

Memphis was fun don’t get me wrong

this is the place where Elvis still sings his songs.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 4,2011