Poet and Artist



The Lake Worth Herald records events in Lake Worth town

Mark Easton works hard making sure

Lake Worth Herald paper gets out.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and the printing press is running–

all of Mark’s stories are real life, serious and also funny.

The Lake Worth Library had an article on me

with UniCandle unicorn and doll Melodie.

I was on Lake Worth Herald’s cover page

sitting on birthday chair

where children blow out their birthday cake.

Lake Worth Herald is printing my new poetry book

“Ma Cherie Amour” that has a glow in the dark look.

Mark was gracious and helped get my book right–

his editing is great to make my book out of sight!

My poetry book has a glow in the dark cover

it is different not like any other.

Thanks Mark for your kindness in working with me

it was a pleasure working with you and also a

“Thank You” from my dream doll Melodie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 10, 2012

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