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Green Eyed Suzy Girl photo book of Suzy as a baby, toddler and girl in New Jersey and Minnesota with her brother John.

http://suzae.comHi there, I am Suzae Chevalier and I am a poet and visual artist. My philosophy of my writing and art has changed now that I have been reborn in the Spirit by the Grace of God Lord Jesus Christ.

Below see my pdf of My Story on becoming a Christian after being in the Occult for more than 20 years.

1_My Story_pdf_09_13_18


This is my prayer, poetry/art blog.

Please read prayers that help you along with any poems.  Please pass along prayers, and Heaven Flyer to as many family, friends people you see daily.

Below is an interview by Pastor Mark Chase of Invicta Ministries Fort Lauderdale following my deliverance and healing of inner child by our Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s laws were made in the supernatural (spirit realm) before man was created in this space and time reality. The spirit realm is made up of Holy Angels of GOD and fallen angels (demons) and Satan. Holy angels are fighting for your soul every day. You need to obey GOD’S commandments if you want to live victoriously. GOD has put curses on people and blessings on people. You need the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of GOD. You need to confess your sins to Jesus Christ who died for your sins. The HOLY SPIRIT will sanctify you and make you holy. We can not do this without GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT. Thank JESUS everyday.

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