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Funny Poems

Sister Lisa’s Surprise by Suzae Chevalier


Suzy and Lisa as toddlers in New Jersey

As a kid I made a fake “me”,
she was like me but not too tall.
I sewed her up with bathroom towels,
she was original and had no jowls.
Practical joke I did make,
with Funny face that was fake.
I put fake toy in my bed,
covered the blankets over dolls head.
Then my sister went to sleep,
I told her from far away,
I was sleeping “Please don’t make a peep? ”
My sister said, “Are you alright?
you look very sick looking tonight.”
I replied, with a yell, ha! Ha!
Then I ran to room laughing out loud.
My sister got scared, and then she laughed,
It was very funny, I do say now

It was hysterical it was a blast–
Funny childhood memory, the ones that last!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 9,2011

updated on March 12, 2019
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Cleveland Friend 2003 by Suzae Chevalier

Cleveland Ohio I went to

in 2003 yes indeed with a turtle named Toledo

named after an Ohio city.

Stayed at an artist hippie’s

who painted famous people which sold

left my belongings at Hippie’s sisters that

that had diabetes because she was old.

Artist hippie thought I was really hot

so wanted me to stay

but I said “no way

I’m on to Florida the sunshine state.”

Now artist’s sister still has

One of my CD’s,

I really did see Cleveland

like Lake View Cemetery

where it was gigantic and we did not terry.

Since then I went through Ohio state

but not through Cleveland which

makes Ohio the state so great

Maybe next time at another later date.

Written by Suzae Chevalier February 18,2011
updated on June 27, 2018