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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Steve Jobs Remembered – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Something about Steve Jobs people don’t know now
his parents met in Wisc. with the cows.
Steve dad’s is Arabic so marriage was a no, no.
didn’t stop them from having a kid in San Francisco.
He invented the personal computer, the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone
he left a legacy with inventions still unknown.
Steve Jobs is compared to Albert Einstein
Steve was the genius of our time.
He never finished college with a degree
he has done a lot to help the human race succeed.
Steve Jobs we will all miss you
“Please Rest In Peace.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 7, 2011

Uncle Lenny – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


There is an Italian who lives in New York City,
he is a sweetheart, he thinks I’m pretty.
He came down to see me and took me out to eat,
we talked of a stalker who lives on his street.
Yes, he is handsome for his age,
stalker lady goes through his mail reading one page.
Now Uncle Lenny has seen it all,
in NYC taxi cab he drove tourists with alot of gall.
Yes, Uncle Lenny drove a NYC taxi cab,
A safe driver award plaque he does have.
Now we went to Tampa and I heard some ghosts,
He said he didn’t hear any for his ears are toast.
He’s sweetheart who thinks of me,
He left surprises in my luggage for me to keep.
Now Uncle Lenny still can drive,
He is quick and has a sharp keen eye.
Thanks Uncle Lenny for the happy memories,
it was fun and very interesting!

(By Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011)

BROOKLYN FOURTH OF JULY 2007 by Suzae Chevalier


The year was 2007-

I was on the roof of YWCA

almost close to heaven.

For the firecrackers went boom, boom, boom

all sound off with the light of the moon.

Looking up in the sky–

colors burst a mile high.

Zooming towards the water below

all four bridges sparkle and glow.

This all happens like synchronicity

looks so smooth with simplicity.

The Spectacular of Macy’s Fireworks display

is worth seeing by the bay–

if you happened to be up that way

to celebrate Independence day.

Try to get on a building rooftop fast–

fireworks great but won’t last

Take pictures if you can

of this Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular which is grand.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 20, 2011

NYC 2001 – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


I was in NYC on the street of Lexington Ave.

This street is close to Madison known for it’s high class ads.

I was there in hotel room number 711-

believe me it was no peaceful heaven.

I was up all night with noise from a truck

up on the 7th floor is where I was stuck.

Tired I missed my bus the next day

I was very late to airport JFK.

Luckily an unlucky girl from MN was there

she was crying hysterical without a care.

We rebooked our flight out of Washington D.C.

driving to DC airport

before that plane did leave.

On the drive unlucky girl did complain

about the morning and everything.

I told her I lived on gambling for 7 months

and when I travel I had so much luck.

When we got to the airport the plane number did change

so I called on my cell phone to rearrange-

who would pick me up at the

last minute to spare

the lady announced the new flight number but I was still unaware.

Until I boarded the plane-

did I realize all the numbers were all the same.

My room number was 711-

along with the time message was left on my phone

even the number on the plane ride home.

They all were my Lucky 711

which made me think of 911 when that

catastrophe had struck

luckily none of my friends in NYC did get hurt or stuck.

Years later I lived at a 711 address-

I had an accident at that number on a

different street I do confess.

I ended up fine without a mess.

Now is 711 meant to be?

Should I play the lottery?

Now when 711 ever crosses my mind

I try to save it in my diary in that point in time.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 11, 2011