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Nanny Days

God Has No Grandchildren

God wants you to have a personal relationship with Him.

God has no grandchildren this is true
we all have to go to Jesus personally
me and you.
The parents must lead the way for their
children to be saved one day.
It would also be great
if the churches would have more altar calls.
Then more would be saved in the spirit
and heaven would have a ball.
For the angels of heaven and God all rejoice
for a human made their own free choice-
to go to Jesus for their soul to be redeemed
and to live for eternity with Jesus where
everything is happiness and glee.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 9,2019

Nanny Days by Suzae Chevalier

Loading my van with a ton of toys,

bringing it to play with for the girls and boys.

Every kind of doll from large to the smallest of them all.

The Bratz dolls doesn’t bother them none

they play with dolls, they have so much fun.

Elsie waiting on a rock

couldn’t wait till I made dolls talk.

The stories ending always turns out for the best,

I had different voices that past the test.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 9,2011
Updated on June 27, 2018