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Nanny Days

Nanny Days by Suzae Chevalier

Loading my van with a ton of toys,

bringing it to play with for the girls and boys.

Every kind of doll from large to the smallest of them all.

The Bratz dolls doesn’t bother them none

they play with dolls, they have so much fun.

Elsie waiting on a rock

couldn’t wait till I made dolls talk.

The stories ending always turns out for the best,

I had different voices that past the test.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 9,2011
Updated on June 27, 2018


Sarah Is Princess For A Day by Suzae Chevalier


Sarah smiling with toy bunny.


Sarah’s invite back for birthday party

Sarah would be Birthday princess for a day
she would have her “Special Island Birthday”
even her stuff toys would join in on the fun-
a birthday party celebration had just begun.
Jewels galore would be on her dress
she would blow out the cake
that never made a mess.
For it was a cake that had an electrical switch
Sarah would light up her birthday candle by
going click, click, click.
Now I have photos of her Princess Days…
Sarah all happy when at a very young age.
May the memories of be a place in Sarah’s heart—
childhood memories not far apart…
They are a part of the childhood days gone past
they are happy memories that are sure to last.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 26,2011

Maria And Victoria Play Date by Suzae Chevalier


Victoria and Maria play date with me.

Excited to see me they waited anxiously by door

within minutes a make believe land was on the floor.

Maria hid bad toy right away, hiding her for the rest of the day.

Then of course Victoria would play

pretend games I do say.

Years later I would give a party for real

it would be Victoria’s birthday party in the Wisconsin hills.

I took photos to remember this time

A birthday celebration for Victoria

With sister Maria and friends that helped find

children had to find the treasures

Say “Happy Birthday to Victoria”

while she sat in birthday chair at last

I took photos to remember this time

A birthday celebration for Victoria

With sister Maria and friends that helped find

hidden crown that is divine.

Good things must come to an end

I packed up my props and said goodbye to dear friends.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 13, 2010

updated on March 25, 2019



Ellie the sweetheart

Meeting Ellie for the very first time

she had just turned 1 and she walking just fine.

I complimented her, saying “I like your animal print coat”

she was quiet, she had to clear her throat.

I took Ellie to the park to play on the swing

We played characters during hide and go seek.

Ellie wanted to play 16 year old character

in a movie that will appear on the screen one day.

Ellie didn’t like character that was sad and blue

she told me she didn’t want to eat blueberries for she didn’t want to be cold too.

Ellie  had original and fun birthdays– all the time.

I would bring two girls named Elsie and Madeleine.

I have newspaper of Ellie in costume and skates

I will make painting of her with acrylic paint.

I also have photos of Ellie and her friends

were  sitting around a tree on the ground.

I will make a book with all photos of her

when she was young with golden curls.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 10, 2011

updated on March 25, 2019