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Ellie the sweetheart

Meeting Ellie for the very first time

she had just turned 1 and she walking just fine.

I complimented her, saying “I like your animal print coat”

she was quiet, she had to clear her throat.

I took Ellie to the park to play on the swing

We played characters during hide and go seek.

Ellie wanted to play 16 year old character

in a movie that will appear on the screen one day.

Ellie didn’t like character that was sad and blue

she told me she didn’t want to eat blueberries for she didn’t want to be cold too.

Ellie  had original and fun birthdays– all the time.

I would bring two girls named Elsie and Madeleine.

I have newspaper of Ellie in costume and skates

I will make painting of her with acrylic paint.

I also have photos of Ellie and her friends

were  sitting around a tree on the ground.

I will make a book with all photos of her

when she was young with golden curls.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 10, 2011

updated on March 25, 2019

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