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Mommy and Suzy by Suzae Chevalier

Suzy is happy that mommy is near
she loves momy dear.
Suzy is wearing her favorite red shoes
Suzy dances in them to her favorite tune.
In the city of Cottage Grove is were they were
Suzy memories of her with her mom as a girl
are etched in her mind with her mommy too
this photo was taken before Suzy went to school.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 13,  2017

Maria And Victoria Play Date by Suzae Chevalier


Victoria and Maria play date with me.

Excited to see me they waited anxiously by door

within minutes a make believe land was on the floor.

Maria hid bad toy right away, hiding her for the rest of the day.

Then of course Victoria would play

pretend games I do say.

Years later I would give a party for real

it would be Victoria’s birthday party in the Wisconsin hills.

I took photos to remember this time

A birthday celebration for Victoria

With sister Maria and friends that helped find

children had to find the treasures

Say “Happy Birthday to Victoria”

while she sat in birthday chair at last

I took photos to remember this time

A birthday celebration for Victoria

With sister Maria and friends that helped find

hidden crown that is divine.

Good things must come to an end

I packed up my props and said goodbye to dear friends.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 13, 2010

updated on March 25, 2019

My Niece Allisa by Suzae Chevalier

Baby Allisa would grow up to be
a mother of Mya who is now 3.
I will always have found memories
of Allisa who is very outgoing yet very sweet.
Allisa came with me as an helper to my book readings.
She helped set up the props for my set–
She even was enthusiastic and didn’t fret.
She was even a princess in my video shoot
it was fun, it was a hoot!
I have Halloween photos of the party at the mansion on Lyndale,
when Allisa and her friends had fun till to the upscale.
Yes, Allisa takes great photos and even video’s too
we shot a funny video at a middle school.
Yes, by then Allisa was taller than me
yes, she had grown into a preteen.
I just saw Allisa and her daughter Mya just last year
I gave little Mya an toy owl, she was in good cheer.
Thanks Allisa for all the found memories–
they will remembered by me!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 25, 2011



Angel My Niece by Suzae Chevalier


Angel’s baptism.

Baptized in church in Minneapolis
it was a special day I would not miss.
I have a photo of you and me
we both were smiling happily.
Then when your first Christmas came
I got to see you once again.
First Christmas for baby Angel my niece
It was happy and filled with peace.
Then of course I would only see you sparingly.
I have pictures of your volleyball game–
you are a teenager now you don’t look the same.
I also have photos of you and with Allisa at your grandma’s,
You are very happy just because.
Because you are a sweet and caring girl
You are precious to the world.
I’m glad I saw you graduate
It was a glorious and memorable day.
Happy Birthday I also wanted to say
I hope you received your card I sent your way.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 28, 2011

Aunt Audrey and me at her assisted living facility in Greenacres, Florida.


One night in my dream
I had a vision that was real
as can be.
My Aunt Audrey came to me
she was in her wheelchair
and looked at me.
I told the holy angels to
put her back down
she stood up without a sound
I asked her ‘Do you confess your sins to Jesus? ‘
and she replied,
‘Yes, I confess my sins to Jesus’.
and all of heaven’s holy angels
tooted their horns in the sky.
Later it was confirmed through
high revelation with Jesus on His throne
that my Aunt Audrey is in heaven,
she made it home!
Thank You Jesus for saving my Aunt Audrey’s life
and Holy Spirit for convicting her spirit
with all Your miracles so divine.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 15, 2022

Aunt Joanie Is In Heaven

The last time I saw Aunt Joanie she was
at God throne–
she was holding a scroll
wearing a white robe
Joanie is in the Lamb’s Book of Life
for eternity in heaven’s skies.
I was so elated when Jesus showed me
the vision to confirm my prayers
I was so relieved for I know He cares.
He cares when you pray for His
creation which is everything on planet earth,
humans at the top down to bugs that crawl
in the dirt.
It doesn’t matter how far away the person is
from you,
like Aunt Joanie, she was in Texas with Alzheimer’s
but her spirit heard the call
the call from Jesus’ Spirit that knows it all.
Thank You Jesus for saving my Aunt Joanie’s soul
she is healed now and she knows You love her so.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 15, 2022

My Aunt Joanie to the far left with hand folded wearing a hat and sunglasses. My mother Ruth wearing a white sweater and my Aunt Beverly in between them saluting while in Rome visiting on vacation.

Renee My Cousin by Suzae Chevalier

Little Suzy with toddler Renee in New Jersey

Little Suzy with toddler Renee in New Jersey

On the other coast by the sea
is my cousin Renee who is sweet as can be.
She has two children who are almost preteens
they are really creative with lots of energy.
Renee works in L.A.’s entertainment industry-
in fact she worked with lawyers at Spelling TV.
Renee got promoted as manager as one of her first jobs out there,
but she had to wait till they fired the head guy and his mistress with long hair.
When Spelling TV was bought out, she had to train lawyers all the nuts and bolts.
Renee was born on island with sand
she was born in the Dominican Republic which is grand.
Her dad worked an ambassador in the government
a war was going on the island, so as a baby on a ship she went.
Renee and her mom got the States alright,
lots of stories for Renee has had an interesting life.
Her friends tell her a movie she should write
I think it would be a great movie
maybe a comedy, a drama, nothing boring or light.
Best wishes Renee on more stories to share which are upbeat
it will keep the movie goers on the edge of their seat.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on February 10, 2012

Cousin Marlena by Suzae Chevalier


Marlena who is my first cousin born on Jenek side
traveled with her family worldwide.
Her dad worked for the government
Marlena was born in Rome as an infant.
Yes, Marlena was born in Rome
far away from her first Virginia home.
Marlena celebrated her 40th birthday
in Rome Italy which was very sheik
she is filled with mystery and mystic.
Marlena lives in L.A. on the other coast
she had an interesting life, she never boasts.
She works in the entertainment industry
she works for a casting company.
Her name has been in the credits on the screen
she has met and seen famous actors and those in between.
Marlena has a daughter who one day will be cast
in a musical which will be a blast.
Best wishes Marlena and your family
you and your family are sincere and sweet.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on February 10,2012



Waiting patiently outside on a rock

Elsie would have toys that she would talk.

I would drive up in my blue caravan–

inside van was toys from Krendoll land.

Playing downstairs with Melodie and Razel

stories we made up with Razel voice nazel.

Madeleine celebrated her birthday with my fantasy land

Madeleine was crowned wearing gold dress so grand.

Yardley a younger sister would play along soon

she loved playing with Razel but Melodie too!

I have photos and videos of “Melodie’s Meltdown”

Madeleine and Elsie would have unfreeze Krendoll town.

Now I will put together a collection of photos to remember

of the three girls before Christmas in December.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 10, 2011



Sister Lisa’s Surprise by Suzae Chevalier


Suzy and Lisa as toddlers in New Jersey

As a kid I made a fake “me”,
she was like me but not too tall.
I sewed her up with bathroom towels,
she was original and had no jowls.
Practical joke I did make,
with Funny face that was fake.
I put fake toy in my bed,
covered the blankets over dolls head.
Then my sister went to sleep,
I told her from far away,
I was sleeping “Please don’t make a peep? ”
My sister said, “Are you alright?
you look very sick looking tonight.”
I replied, with a yell, ha! Ha!
Then I ran to room laughing out loud.
My sister got scared, and then she laughed,
It was very funny, I do say now

It was hysterical it was a blast–
Funny childhood memory, the ones that last!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 9,2011

updated on March 12, 2019
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Grandma’s House


My Dear Grandma Vivian Chevalier


My dear grandma always wrote to me–she loved reading my poetry. She was a great poet herself…she was a great poet like no one else. Remembering how sweet she was to me–Grandma here is a poem for you!

Butterfly, butterfly flying through the air–
flittering here and flittering there.
Landing on a flower just ahead
your wings glow on a flower bed.
I imagine my grandma’s flowers with color
each one is unique, not like the other.
It was in the spring with fragrance everywhere
it was happy times without a care.

Found memories of bread baking in the air
a special time I did share.
with Grandmother who is special and sweet–
she made all kinds of goodies and treats.
Like marsh mellows with fruit and whip topping too
I liked eating it after my dinner was through.
In backyard I did climb a tree
hurt my hand with a twig, I did bleed.
Rushed to the doctors really fast
they put stitches in, they didn’t last.

Memories of the farm I will remember
like Christmas time in December, receiving my Suzy doll with curls and funny times in the barn with the pigs…something my sister can not out live.

Thank you Grandma for believing in me-you are sweet and dear to me.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 3, 2011

Storyteller Emma Jean by Suzae Chevalier

Emma Jean has

power to story tell-

she creates stories and she does it well.

Now she told a story I will never forget

she weaves the story with her Missouri accent

which sets the stage

she takes em back to a really young age,

she writes better then famous authors on the page.

Her voice changes in fluctuation and stance

weaving words like a rhythmic dance.

Even though Emma Jean’s gone

I will tell her stories so they will live on.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 15, 2011

updated on May 5, 2019