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My Niece Allisa by Suzae Chevalier

Baby Allisa would grow up to be
a mother of Mya who is now 3.
I will always have found memories
of Allisa who is very outgoing yet very sweet.
Allisa came with me as an helper to my book readings.
She helped set up the props for my set–
She even was enthusiastic and didn’t fret.
She was even a princess in my video shoot
it was fun, it was a hoot!
I have Halloween photos of the party at the mansion on Lyndale,
when Allisa and her friends had fun till to the upscale.
Yes, Allisa takes great photos and even video’s too
we shot a funny video at a middle school.
Yes, by then Allisa was taller than me
yes, she had grown into a preteen.
I just saw Allisa and her daughter Mya just last year
I gave little Mya an toy owl, she was in good cheer.
Thanks Allisa for all the found memories–
they will remembered by me!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 25, 2011



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