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 AIDS CAN BE PREVENTED We as a nation have turned our backs on the Holy One thinking we can solve our diseases like AIDS with medicine. Did you know AIDS could be prevented if we only understand fornication (sex without marriage)and having sex with the same sex–gives demons in the supernatural legal rights and put us in hex. Then we have a curse of AIDS –this I do attest. Fornication is against God’s will for mankind. God’s Holy Spirit wrote through man the spiritual laws and humans are to obey, if not the demons have their way. Like in plague that God gave to Pharaoh in Genesis 12:17 Genesis 12:17 However the LORD struck Pharaoh and his household with terrible plagues because of Sarai, Abram’s wife. These are demons or His angels who do the work for God which causes strife. God can have His angels bring destruction to a land, we need to understand. In Genesis 19:23-26 Lot made it out alive–but his wife looked back and died. Did you know that STD’s are really sexually transmitted demons? We need to understand God spiritual laws that if we don’t obey we fall-we are only human after all. We need the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in us once we confessed our sins to Jesus. We need to humble ourselves and look at the sins we committed in our flesh– for we need God who created our souls for eternity — we can choose life or death. God is holy and wants us to be the same. Yes we are human after all and we are born in shame– from Adam but we can be cleansed-by the blood of Jesus which can heal our corrupt souls. Deliver us from our ancestral curses and give us a new life once we are born again in Jesus Christ. God can bring down blessings from heaven which we thought we lost once we confess our ancestors and our sin, break family evil altars and walk with God so our souls won’t be lost. Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 19, 2019 Published May 19, 2019 on

If our countries churches were taught deliverance which was apart of the Great Commission we would not see so many people dying from AIDS, Alcohol, Suicide, Diabetes, Health Issues, the list goes on. These are all family curses and only the Holy Spirit can heal us from these diseases and adversities.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 19, 2019


Little Suzy’s Birthday Cake –

Three year old Suzy loves her cake
it’s strawberry and it tastes great! 
She is happy as can be- 
she has just turned the BIG Number 3! 
She is smiling in her white and pink dress
hopefully she did not make a real big mess.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 16,2019 

Little Suzy at three years old on her birthday 1968.


Children Should Be Protected

Children are vulnerable and very naive
we to protect them from what they see.
Don’t let them just watch bad movies on TV.
Don’t let them see Harry Potter and what he does
this is because witchcraft is real and not just for fun.
The spirit realm is real and we need to know its no joke
the evil spirits are really all those ghosts.
We have been deceived so lets get smart
to know what is really happening in the dark.
Protect your children with Jesus’s blood
He died for your children and your soul.
So please protect your children and educate them on
the occult- it is not to be played with for it is
the death of the soul.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 25,2019

What You Don’t Know Could Harm You – Poem by Suzae Chevalier

Isn’t it funny we can buy books on magic, the occult
but don’t know where these come from and as a result
We end up getting deeper into the mire and the dirt
When all of a sudden we see our kids getting sad or hurt.
Mass shootings just didn’t happen overnight.
the iniquities of our forefathers are on us with all our plight.
We need the Son of God that is Jesus the Christ
to show us how to solve these sad problems of life.
For it is powers that we can not see-
they are affecting you and me.
Murders, bullying in the schools
kids that do it think its cool.
But did you know that their very soul
is now with the devil who hates us so?
Yes, we have an adversary who is out to kill
he will do it to the young, the old and we think
no it can’t be real.
The saying “What you don’t know can hurt you” still
rings true today
for it is our ignorance that makes harmful spirits have
their way.
So lets educate the children- the teenagers of what is
they are seeing in movies and on T.V. for it is not
just fantasy that they see.

We should educate our children about the Occult. We should protect our children through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 25,2019


Preachers of today
want all the people to like them
so they send half truths their way
the congregations ears love what they say.
The words that are preached
are not to save your soul
it is only to make you like them-
I hope you know.
More likes on Facebook or
fun photos of clan
this is all for the glory of sinful man.
Not the Glory of God and His Word that won’t die
Jesus has the LAST WORD for you and I.
If you follow a church that compromising
you will be infected, go to hell
all for a lie.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 15,2019



Little children can feel in their spirit that Santa Clause and clowns are not good. This is because it is not from God’s Kingdom. Your spirit never lies.


I told Jesus when I was standing with candle in hand-
I don’t feel comfortable to light this–
I know it is witchcraft.
I was in a church on Christmas and knew the score
candle lighting is idolatry which I did before.
I lit Catholic saint candle’s in my living room
to break curses and end my pain and gloom.
But I did realize that the supernatural
works both ways–
Holy angels fight demons every single day.
Yes, when we put a Christmas tree in our house–
did you know that more comes in then just a mouse?
For this is a portal for demons
is what it is–
just like lighting a candle on Christmas eve.
Look in Jeremiah 10:3-4
You will see not happy is the LORD.
For the pagans cut down and decorated trees
with gold and silver and pray to their deities.
So as you see, Christmas is not about Jesus Christ the Son–
it’s about materialism and worshiping the evil one.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 27, 2019

Schumacher Chevrolet

See the beautiful country our U S of A
in your new shiny car or truck
from Schumacher Chevrolet.
Yes, the Chevrolet you like best
can be yours at Schumacher’s on Okeechobee west.
Schumacher Chevrolet will give you a good deal
this dealership gets you behind the wheel.
Go on the internet to set up a test drive
they stand behind their vehicles with total pride.
Light up your life up with the new 2013 Chevy Spark
comes in colors that luminate in the dark.
Or test drive the 2013 Chevy Cruze
it hugs the road and is very smooth.
Drive the new 2013 Chevy Sonic it has features and more
more savings in gas like never before.
For the Chevy Sonic has 40 EPA
making it fuel efficient for you today.
Even Costco members get a 5 yr power train warranty
Schumacher’s gives it with a guarantee.
So go to North Lake Blvd or Okeechobee west
and I guarantee you will pay less.
For Schumacher is having their Special Year End Event
don’t miss this sale you will be very glad you went.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 21,2012



Toddler Suzy on Atlantic City Boardwalk 1967, Atlantic City New Jersey.


On a bus I did ride
to the NJ Seaside.
Ten years earlier I was also there
with my aunts with golden curly white hair.

That’s when Trump made a splash
offering old lady a lot of cash.
Now Great Aunt Mary and Aunt Joanie
did go with me–
to a fun vacation in Atlantic City.
On the board walk we did walk
it was fun I kid you not.

I did not gamble-had to pay the rent.
Tiny little red notebook I did buy
writing stories by ocean side.

Writing on trains and subways too
all stories still there, there’s quite a few.
Now in 2000 I went there again
visited Long Island to see my friends.

Went to Javits Convention Center in NYC
Yes this was the year I missed my plane
Years before Twin Towers fell in sadness and pain.

Would visit NYC again and again
everything has really changed.
The National September 11 Memorial & Museum
will open up this year–

Residents will remember friends so dear.
Now my Great Aunt passed away
I will have to visit the boardwalk once again.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 23, 2011

updated on March 25, 2019

Aunt Joanie’s In Heaven

The last time I saw Aunt Joanie she was
at God throne–
she was holding a scroll
wearing a white robe
Joanie is in the Lamb’s Book of Life
for eternity in heaven’s skies.
I was so elated when Jesus showed me
the vision to confirm my prayers
I was so relieved for I know He cares.
He cares when you pray for His
creation which is everything on planet earth,
humans at the top down to bugs that crawl
in the dirt.
It doesn’t matter how far away the person is
from you,
like Aunt Joanie, she was in Texas with Alzheimer’s
but her spirit heard the call
the call from Jesus’ Spirit that knows it all.
Thank You Jesus for saving my Aunt Joanie’s soul
she is healed now and she knows You love her so.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 15, 2022

ffAunt Joanie is on the farthest left wearing a hat and sunglasses, my Aunt Beverly Straffin next to her, and my mother Ruth wearing the white sweater. They were visiting Rome, Italy in the sixties, they were all in their twenties. Surrounded by military men.


One night in my dream
I had a vision that was real
as can be.
My Aunt Audrey came to me
she was in her wheelchair
and looked at me.
I told the holy angels to
put her back down
she stood up without a sound
I asked her ‘Do you confess your sins to Jesus? ‘
and she replied,
‘Yes, I confess my sins to Jesus’.
and all of heaven’s holy angels
tooted their horns in the sky.
Later it was confirmed through
high revelation with Jesus on His throne
that my Aunt Audrey is in heaven,
she made it home!
Thank You Jesus for saving my Aunt Audrey’s life
and Holy Spirit for convicting her spirit
with all Your miracles so divine.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 15, 2022

Aunt Audrey and me at her assisted living facility in Greenacres, Florida


God talks to me before I write,
letting me know through visions and dreams at night
He speaks to me
On prophecy
Also He has kept a lot of things a mystery.
My prophetic dreams I have seen
Come true in my reality.
I dreamed of man with a beard
Then I saw him as a statue
Which is not really weird.
For God lets me know the
the things He has for me
showing things that are in my destiny.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 9,2019

God Has No Grandchildren

God wants you to have a personal relationship with Him.

God has no grandchildren this is true
we all have to go to Jesus personally
me and you.
The parents must lead the way for their
children to be saved one day.
It would also be great
if the churches would have more altar calls.
Then more would be saved in the spirit
and heaven would have a ball.
For the angels of heaven and God all rejoice
for a human made their own free choice-
to go to Jesus for their soul to be redeemed
and to live for eternity with Jesus where
everything is happiness and glee.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 9,2019

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