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Children Should Be Protected

Children are vulnerable and very naive
we to protect them from what they see.
Don’t let them just watch bad movies on TV.
Don’t let them see Harry Potter and what he does
this is because witchcraft is real and not just for fun.
The spirit realm is real and we need to know its no joke
the evil spirits are really all those ghosts.
We have been deceived so lets get smart
to know what is really happening in the dark.
Protect your children with Jesus’s blood
He died for your children and your soul.
So please protect your children and educate them on
the occult- it is not to be played with for it is
the death of the soul.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 25,2019

What You Don’t Know Could Harm You – Poem by Suzae Chevalier

Isn’t it funny we can buy books on magic, the occult
but don’t know where these come from and as a result
We end up getting deeper into the mire and the dirt
When all of a sudden we see our kids getting sad or hurt.
Mass shootings just didn’t happen overnight.
the iniquities of our forefathers are on us with all our plight.
We need the Son of God that is Jesus the Christ
to show us how to solve these sad problems of life.
For it is powers that we can not see-
they are affecting you and me.
Murders, bullying in the schools
kids that do it think its cool.
But did you know that their very soul
is now with the devil who hates us so?
Yes, we have an adversary who is out to kill
he will do it to the young, the old and we think
no it can’t be real.
The saying “What you don’t know can hurt you” still
rings true today
for it is our ignorance that makes harmful spirits have
their way.
So lets educate the children- the teenagers of what is
they are seeing in movies and on T.V. for it is not
just fantasy that they see.

We should educate our children about the Occult. We should protect our children through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 25,2019