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family poems


Tommy who was being baptized in the spring
he was born in May
he was the last of us 5 kids.
He was very small with a curl on his head
he had a mark on his face
that was red.
It went away
at an early age.
He does not have to this day.
Tommy was baptized at St Rita’s
down the street–
I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail
very neat.
My mom is young
with reddish auburn hair
my brother John is beside us
with a blank stare.
I remember the day faintly
which is a flash in time
it was a memorable day
in my young life.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on June 26, 2018




A hug is more powerful than a gun

It makes receiver HAPPIER

No harm done.

We need to focus with deliberate


What we want our nation to look like

How our money is spent.

Is it spent on guns or is it spent

On fun?

People see no gun crime

They all use their inner divine.

No honking at cars, shootings and

or road rage-

Instead Everyone smiles with a wave.
For WE have found a better way

By imagining a brighter image

Of the people of the US of A.

WE don’t need to build a wall

For in the end

it will FALL.

We need to build Bridges

And help UNITE

All the Races with a smile not a fight.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 29, 2016

Renee My Cousin by Suzae Chevalier

Little Suzy with toddler Renee in New Jersey

Little Suzy with cousin Renee in New Jersey

Renee was born on an island with white sand

she was born in the Dominica Republic which is grand.

Her dad was an ambassador in the government

the war broke out so on a ship she went.

Renee go to the states alright

she had just begun an interesting life.

Now she lives on the other coast by the sea

She has two children who are preteens

with a lot of creative energy.

Renee works with the lawyers in the entertainment industry

in-fact she worked with lawyers at Spelling TV.

Renee got promoted in a entertainment job out there

she had to wait till they fired the manager’s mistress with red long hair.

When Spelling TV was bought out

she had to train lawyers the nuts and bolts.

Her friends tell her a movie she should write

maybe an adventure, a comedy but nothing boring or light.

Best wishes Renee for a movie that is upbeat-

it will keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.

Updated on March 4, 2016 by Suzae Chevalier





Grandma Kay’s 95th Birthday by Suzae Chevalier

Grandma Kay just turned ninety five,
on her birthday in 2009.
In her nursing home her family was there,
Watching her blew out birthday candle without a care.
She was the star of her birthday show,
She blew out a candle that sparkled and glowed.
Friends and family sang along,
to her personalized birthday song.
Her son Russ played the guitar,
this was her best birthday by far.
She unwrapped presents from family and friends,
she was very happy like a child again.
Photo memories are snapped in time,
To remember Kay’s 95th Birthday that shined.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 9,2011

Uncle Lenny – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


There is an Italian who lives in New York City,
he is a sweetheart, he thinks I’m pretty.
He came down to see me and took me out to eat,
we talked of a stalker who lives on his street.
Yes, he is handsome for his age,
stalker lady goes through his mail reading one page.
Now Uncle Lenny has seen it all,
in NYC taxi cab he drove tourists with alot of gall.
Yes, Uncle Lenny drove a NYC taxi cab,
A safe driver award plaque he does have.
Now we went to Tampa and I heard some ghosts,
He said he didn’t hear any for his ears are toast.
He’s sweetheart who thinks of me,
He left surprises in my luggage for me to keep.
Now Uncle Lenny still can drive,
He is quick and has a sharp keen eye.
Thanks Uncle Lenny for the happy memories,
it was fun and very interesting!

(By Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011)

Atlantic City by Suzae Chevalier


On a bus I did ride-
to the NJ Seaside.
Ten years earlier I was also there
with my aunts with golden curly white hair.

That’s when Trump made a splash
offering old lady a lot of cash.
Madonna was on her Blonde Ambition tour
dominating all of the world.

Now Great Aunt Mary and Aunt Joanie
did go with me-
to Trump’s casino in Atlantic City.
Gambling nickels was their bet

I did not gamble-had to pay the rent.
Tiny little red notebook I did buy,
writing stories by oceanside.

Writing on trains and subways too,
all stories still there, there’s quite a few.
Now in 2000 I when I went there again
visited Long Island to see my friends.

Went to Javits Convention Center in NYC
saw licensed characters who were cute and silly.
Yes this was the year I missed my plane
Year before Twin Towers fell in sadness and pain.

Would visit NYC again and again
everything has really changed.
The National September 11 Memorial & Museum
will open up this year,

residents will remember friends so dear.
Now my Great Aunt passed away
will have to visit the boardwalk once again.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 03, 2011

Stylish Debra Ann by Suzae Chevalier


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2012 photo by Kim Sims

Debra Ann with her stylish green hat
knows how to dress, I can tell you that.
Debra Ann is a real friend that understands,
she is the Big Sis I never had- she is sweet I am glad
glad we met that one sunny day
at Mother Earth’s Coffee shop
back by the tables with owner Patte’.
Debra was a friend that made sure I was feed
she bought me groceries and didn’t care how much she spent.
We have fun dancing at the Cottage Sunday nights
we dance up a storm dancing to the beat just right.
She makes me smile just seeing her
she calls me Sunshine and I brighten her world.
You make me smile also Debra Ann,
remember Bible Study where we laughed and laughed?
We ate pizza, it was a fun time –it was a blast!
One day we will go clothes shopping and buy clothing with flair—
it will be a fun memory to share.
Thanks Anna for being a Big Sis and a friend
You bring you sunshine again and again!
Written By Suzae Chevalier on January 18, 2012



Charles who I had called Chuck

Had with me the best of luck.

Luck at the casinos in MN, Wisconsin

at the time–

I felt the angels all around me

A feeling of the sublime.

He was the first to be unconditional

And accepting of me

He felt like a great uncle

He felt like real family.

He felt I my cartoon characters

Were great as fantasy-

He said I would go down in history.

He was a very talented in the written word—

He wrote excellent poetry that I have ever heard.

A beautiful poem at his funeral was read—

The poem was outstanding

And words sound lovely said.

I will post his poems for him and share it with

The world.

They need to be heard by boys and girls.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 13, 2015



Louisa The Sweetheart


Louisa who is very sincere-

She is someone that

Loves her family very much

She is very dear.

She is so gracious and kind.

She looks out for the underdog

and she looks for the good in people.

Louisa who I saw two days

In a row

first at Starbucks

where she gave me good

advice for me to know.

Then at art class at library

Where we painted a tree scene…

Louisa wore pretty orange dress

With beautiful embroidery.

Nice to see you Louisa once again

Nice to have you as a friend!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 11, 2015

updated on January 6, 2019

Loyalty To Mary by Suzae Chevalier


Mary Villa, Angie and me at my 19th birthday in Cottage Grove, MN. It was 89 degrees that day and Reagan was in office. That was 30 years ago.

I get a call on my home phone
It is Mary asking me to come along.
She says to meet her at the bowling alley
She’s pregnant and really needs me.
I hop on a bus with bag for one
not realizing my adventure had just begun.
We stayed in an abandoned
building that very night,
We went through the
broken window with all our might.
Now the very next day–
We eat chocolate at grocery store and Tarjay.
That’s French for Target if you didn’t know-
now I digress, let’s move once more.
Time goes on and things come to an end-
I have to go home and leave my best friend.
It was worth it all the while-
Helping a friend who would one day have a child.
She had her baby in the fall
I came to the hospital when she did call.
Baby was so cute, cute as can be
She was the first child of my friend Mary.
Helping Mary I never did regret
As a true friend my loyalty was met.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on Feb.21,2011