Poet/Artist/Child of God/Heaven Flyer



Charles who I had called Chuck

Had with me the best of luck.

Luck at the casinos in MN, Wisconsin

at the time–

I felt the angels all around me

A feeling of the sublime.

He was the first to be unconditional

And accepting of me

He felt like a great uncle

He felt like real family.

He felt I my cartoon characters

Were great as fantasy-

He said I would go down in history.

He was a very talented in the written word—

He wrote excellent poetry that I have ever heard.

A beautiful poem at his funeral was read—

The poem was outstanding

And words sound lovely said.

I will post his poems for him and share it with

The world.

They need to be heard by boys and girls.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 13, 2015



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