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Stylish Debra Ann by Suzae Chevalier


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2012 photo by Kim Sims

Debra Ann with her stylish green hat
knows how to dress, I can tell you that.
Debra Ann is a real friend that understands,
she is the Big Sis I never had- she is sweet I am glad
glad we met that one sunny day
at Mother Earth’s Coffee shop
back by the tables with owner Patte’.
Debra was a friend that made sure I was feed
she bought me groceries and didn’t care how much she spent.
We have fun dancing at the Cottage Sunday nights
we dance up a storm dancing to the beat just right.
She makes me smile just seeing her
she calls me Sunshine and I brighten her world.
You make me smile also Debra Ann,
remember Bible Study where we laughed and laughed?
We ate pizza, it was a fun time –it was a blast!
One day we will go clothes shopping and buy clothing with flair—
it will be a fun memory to share.
Thanks Anna for being a Big Sis and a friend
You bring you sunshine again and again!
Written By Suzae Chevalier on January 18, 2012

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