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Mayan Friend by Suzae Chevalier


There once a Mayan friend named Carlos

who was real sweet he was very generous and upbeat.

He would call me the artist Suzae–

he has my book “Sarah’s Special Birthday”

He was a friend who helped me change my locks

he would come to see me a couple of blocks.

See my landlord entered my apartment without telling me

Carlos came to make sure I had safety.

In my standup act he was the Mayan character who cared-

Carlos saw the landlord stalking but the landlord was unaware.

Unaware Mayan friend was watching him spray–

spray water all over my front door that day.

Razel also mentioned you were there when the lights went out

Razel had a ball with that when she started to shout!

Carlos was there for me to make sure I was O.K.

Thank you Carlos for being my friend

you have supported me when no one else did.

I will dedicate the next children’s picture book to you

you will be the giraffe you liked that was painted blue.

Remember “Razel is evil-

but Melodie loves you…!”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 10, 2011

Updated September 2, 2015

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