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Renee My Cousin by Suzae Chevalier

Little Suzy with toddler Renee in New Jersey

Little Suzy with toddler Renee in New Jersey

On the other coast by the sea
is my cousin Renee who is sweet as can be.
She has two children who are almost preteens
they are really creative with lots of energy.
Renee works in L.A.’s entertainment industry-
in fact she worked with lawyers at Spelling TV.
Renee got promoted as manager as one of her first jobs out there,
but she had to wait till they fired the head guy and his mistress with long hair.
When Spelling TV was bought out, she had to train lawyers all the nuts and bolts.
Renee was born on island with sand
she was born in the Dominican Republic which is grand.
Her dad worked an ambassador in the government
a war was going on the island, so as a baby on a ship she went.
Renee and her mom got the States alright,
lots of stories for Renee has had an interesting life.
Her friends tell her a movie she should write
I think it would be a great movie
maybe a comedy, a drama, nothing boring or light.
Best wishes Renee on more stories to share which are upbeat
it will keep the movie goers on the edge of their seat.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on February 10, 2012

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