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Grandma’s House


My Dear Grandma Vivian Chevalier


My dear grandma always wrote to me–she loved reading my poetry. She was a great poet herself…she was a great poet like no one else. Remembering how sweet she was to me–Grandma here is a poem for you!

Butterfly, butterfly flying through the air–
flittering here and flittering there.
Landing on a flower just ahead
your wings glow on a flower bed.
I imagine my grandma’s flowers with color
each one is unique, not like the other.
It was in the spring with fragrance everywhere
it was happy times without a care.

Found memories of bread baking in the air
a special time I did share.
with Grandmother who is special and sweet–
she made all kinds of goodies and treats.
Like marsh mellows with fruit and whip topping too
I liked eating it after my dinner was through.
In backyard I did climb a tree
hurt my hand with a twig, I did bleed.
Rushed to the doctors really fast
they put stitches in, they didn’t last.

Memories of the farm I will remember
like Christmas time in December, receiving my Suzy doll with curls and funny times in the barn with the pigs…something my sister can not out live.

Thank you Grandma for believing in me-you are sweet and dear to me.

Written By Suzae Chevalier on November 3, 2011