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Birthday Party

Sarah Is Princess For A Day by Suzae Chevalier


Sarah smiling with toy bunny.


Sarah’s invite back for birthday party

Sarah would be Birthday princess for a day
she would have her “Special Island Birthday”
even her stuff toys would join in on the fun-
a birthday party celebration had just begun.
Jewels galore would be on her dress
she would blow out the cake
that never made a mess.
For it was a cake that had an electrical switch
Sarah would light up her birthday candle by
going click, click, click.
Now I have photos of her Princess Days…
Sarah all happy when at a very young age.
May the memories of be a place in Sarah’s heart—
childhood memories not far apart…
They are a part of the childhood days gone past
they are happy memories that are sure to last.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 26,2011