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by Suzae Chevalier on December 6, 2020,

updated on February 3, 2022

I had a dream and so it seemed

it was about me and so I gleaned.

I saw my two familiar spirits of mine

dressed in black–

they were talking to the king of darkness

with small wings on his back.

They said to him as he sat on his throne–

“She is a threat to us on earth.”

in a serious tone.

Then the angel of darkness pounded

down his cup–

and said,

“I want all souls dead!!!”

I thought ‘Wow-this is dread!!!’

Thank You JESUS for letting me see,

I know hell is as real, as real as can be–

We have to be serious about our very lives!

In our next life, we have to do more than survive-

we have to have eternal life only through

JESUS Christ!

Your life is more than the color of your skin

its deeper than that–

your soul is made for eternity from within.

it’s your very soul that is on the line–

but people don’t seem to care=

they think everything is fine.

They better confess their sins to JESUS

before they die

or their eternity is in the Lake of fire and that’s no lie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 6, 2020

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