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Child’s Death Because Of Father’s Sins

Who was the enemies of the Lord’s in —

second Samuel twelve fourteen?
They are of course the demons
that are very mean.
See in the spirit world
when we do sin-
God gives permission for the
enemy to come in.
King David’s bloodline was paid
a curse of death
the death of his son now
because King David did confess.
It would of been King David
who would of took God’s wrath-
but God brought it down onto
the child of Uriah’s innocent back.
The child became ill and King David
fasted and prayed still-
King David couldn’t even get in his own bed
Later his servants told him his child is dead.
So King David knew it was always up to the Lord’s
gracious hand-
to give him a new son
to be King Solomon, king over the land.

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