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Hats Off To You Dr. Cameron And Joann

Dr. Cameron with your shiny bright smile

let me stay longer and rest for a while.

I really felt rested finally at last-

I slept better that night on my back.

Thank you Dr. Cameron for your sincere concern

reminding me to build strength; be merry

which I took to heart and learned.

Dr. Cameron knows a lot about pain management

Jo Ann who is your receptionist is sweet and great

Jo Ann made room for me that very same day.

Jo Ann is very spiritual and has given me great advice

she knows firsthand and feels it’s a blessing I have a new life.

All of your clients take their hats off to both of you!

Your clients feel at home and soothed-

Thank You Dr. Cameron I feel renewed!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 28,2012

updated on March 26, 2019


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