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Hello Suzae

Today, March 5, 2019 I came up with this poem

It’s my path from fantasy writing to heal

to a new creation in Christ Jesus.


“Hello Suzae! ”

Rudy says to me that day
when I came up with my artist name.
Rudy replied,

“I love it, it will bring you fame!”

It was in the mid nineties
in Minnesota, the state.

I thought this would seal my fate.
At first my name would help children
who were hurt deep inside-
to help protect them from abuse
when they had no place to hide.
But as time went on
the devil lead me more astray.
He lead me into the fantasy writing fray.
My writing ideas I thought came from me-
but the evil one had me fooled

I also learned about New Age ideas

from psychics, cards and books.

I was completely sold–

until I started to take another look.

I was looking for a way to really heal-

I would learn that the enemy comes

to destroy, kill and steal.
So on one merciful night
I found the Lord and Savior
with His true loving light–
the One who is the real Jesus Christ!
He is the One who redeemed my life.
He who heals all of our pains-
He healed my broken heart
to Him, I’m forever changed.
In Him I don’t need to make spiritual goals.
I just need to believe in Him
for He will take care of the rest
He loves me and He knows me best.
So my story has changed
I will never be the same-
I am a new creation
because now I am saved.
For God’s Holy Spirit lives in me
He is here to stay!


Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 5, 2019


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