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Living on the Ritzy side

Rolls Royce’s are the choice of ride

and mansions paid by family’s pride

hidden by bushes is where they hide.

Crossing the water where the dolphins swim

you see another world that looks a little grim.

For shopping carts are more the norm

transporting laundry even during a storm.

Then there is the drug dealers, crack houses and prostitutes too

Trying to exist day to day without a clue.

Now I hear they are saying they are going to bulldoze all this

You know it’s people can’t fight with money or resist–

for poverty is not really solved it still PERSISTS.

We need to create a better way,

to solve this problem of tomorrow and today.

Since then I hear of Millionaire Reality Show

Where a Millionaire comes to the Ghetto.

I talked to him, and he shared he was scared

but acting like it was more of a dare.

“Well, I lived over there” I said

which went way over his head.

It was almost like talking to a piece of bread.

Living in the ghetto, I prayed and I cared.

People are REAL and they are scared.

Let’s start from a common ground

To change this Palm Beach County town.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 24, 2011

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