Poet/Artist/Child of God/Heaven Flyer

QUOTES by Suzae Chevalier


”Spreading the Love is the easiest thing to raise the vibration of the planet and make it more peaceful.”

”We are limitless souls incarnate in a human body, it’s hard enough doing that but we agreed to it before we came here.”

”WE are One Family, if we just remember that we can solve all our societie’s problems in regards to race.”

”WE were all Babies at one time, if we can just remember that, and realize we were innocent, we can have more compassion for anyone that has wronged us.”

”Your thoughts and behaviors go with you to the other side, so I think it is important to work on that while we are here then place so much importance on material things over inner work.”

”Everything is a gift, because you can’t take it with you. If you can remember that, the next time you lose something or someone steals from you, you will see it in a new light.”

”Trees are the survivors on this planet. Look at how they live outside in the cold. They even have it in their dna to survive the cold. They will outlive all of us, the planet needs them more.”

Quotes by Suzae Chevalier on September 18, 2015 Copyright 2015

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