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Sean Sellers Letter To Teenagers about Jesus

Sean Sellers on death row wrote this personal letter about Jesus Christ Tom Wedge a juvenile probation officer in Logan County 1986 to read to the many thousands of young adults he speaks across the country the United States

My dear friends,
I sit here at a steel desk in a cell on death row in Oklahoma. I’m 17 years old. When I close my eyes I imagine the faces of all who hear this letter. I see faces just like mine less than a year ago. Faces full of confusion and often pain. Faces searching for something.
I was there too. I was looking for a place to fit in like you. I found that place, before the altar of Satan. I let an interest of Dungeons and Dragons become my obsession that later led me into Santiam. I performed rituals covered in blood, inviting demons to enter my body. I drank blood, sometimes mixed with wine and urine, and began taking drugs. I thought I had at last found what I was looking for. I was wrong. Now as a result of all I did in Satanism I am condemned to die.
My friends, I am not an adult, I’m a teenager. I know what it’s like out there and very often it’s not easy, but look where I am, it can always get worse. Many people can tell you many things, but it’s your decision to listen. I pray you will listen to me. I’m just not a speaker on a platform, I’m not a preacher but I am a teenager.
I followed the ways of society, the ways of uncaring, of immorality, of rebellion. I looked to drugs, alcohol, and Satanism for answers to my problems. I never just stopped to look around me.
Walk outside and look at the sky, at the trees, the ground, the flowers. Just look around you and see the clouds, the birds, the sunshine. Can’t you see the awesome love of the One who created all this for you? You know, drugs, alcohol, the occult, that all seems to cool; are you too cool to see that Jesus loves you? I was, and now where am I?
No, my friends, drugs, alcohol, the occult, all that trash, there are not answers to problems. Every day teens kill themselves because everyone around them was too cool to them about Jesus, or because they also turned to these for answers instead of turning to the only real answer. All these are not answers, they’re only more problems disguised as answers. Jesus is the only answer.
Where are you headed? When people look at you what do they see? Do they see a person too cool to stop and talk to about their problems? Do they see a person full of rebellion? If they do, you could end up as I have. Or do they see a person who really cares, a person who is really cool?
I never knew what it was to live until someone told me I had to die. What will it take for you? You could make such a difference in your own life, and so many others as well. Listen to me. You can see where I am. I followed the ways of society. I fell into the traps of the devil. Make a stand in your life, learn to care for one another, learn to love one another and teach others to do the same. Jesus is the only way. I know. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. Won’t you give Him a fair chance in your life? Just give Jesus a fair chance in your life.
There are people who care. Never think that no one cares, because I do. I care because I love you. I love you because Jesus loves you, and if you are good enough for Him, then you are good enough for me. It took a long time to say those words. How long will it take you? I had to go through hell to learn something so simple. Will you let me teach you? I love you my friends.

Forever in Christ
Sean Sellers 156641
McAlester, OK 74501

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