Poet/Artist/Child of God/Heaven Flyer

We bind chaos spirits

BOMBSHELL! Mark Taylor’s Most SHOCKING Prediction of 2019


“Father we praise you, in Jesus name we bind all spirits of civil war, straight from the Throne of God we thank you, We decree and declare that time is up for those who are corrupt people in America. Father we pray for President Donald Trump, we pray for the United States of America. We loose unity, we loose protection on the United States of America straight from the throne of God. Father we praise You and we thank you and we declare and decree that Your Word will go across the globe by the name of Jesus and your blood of Jesus. We pray for Hong Kong and Korea to lift the spirit of oppression in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”
” We bind the spirits of Jezebel, we bind the spirit of chaos, we bind the hordes of hell, we bind the Baal, the cobra, the python spirits, we cut off the heads off of Leviathan in the mighty name of Jesus. We bind and we break the powers of those spirits. We pull down any curses assigned to President Donald Trump. We bind the destruction spirits of our country. We bind the strongman against President Trump and we pull down all hexes, curses witchcraft against him. We pray for Zechariah 2:5 fire wall of the Holy Spirit around your people and the president Donald J Trump and his family. We bind the Liberal lunacy spirit. We break the power of fake news spirits, Satan we bind your destruction spirit. We lift up Donald J Trump. We pull down all witchcraft curse against him and rebuke you, we render you Satan and your hordes useless in Jesus mighty name we pray.” Amen and Amen.”

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