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Bora Bora Button


Suzae in Bora Bora 2005

Riding in a taxi around the mountain side
I was in Bora Bora have a very fun time.
I was with an islander who wore
an island gown
we were being driven all around Bora Bora’s towns.
Taxi driver was sweet so I gave him a button that sparkled not glowed.
He wore on his dress to the Pearl Jewelry store,
the pearl jewelry owner remembered me
who she adored.
For we met her in the airports first class waiting room
she recognized me and when I  sung a tune.
Jewelry store lady said “I saw you on a button when the
taxi driver came in—he was very happy to have met you both—
he is a true fan.”
One day I will go back and visit, I hope his button is holding up
if not I will give many more he can wear around to the shops.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on June 27,2012

updated on January 22, 2019

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