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Are You Maurice Chevalier’s Niece? by Suzae Chevalier



No more movie idols

We have to get our priorities straight on who we are going to worship. I worship God over celebrities now.

Are You Related To Maurice Chevalier?

People ask me are you related Maurice Chevalier?

I would say I am his niece-
he did not have kids I do believe.
I painted the Eiffel tower in the city

where he was born-

too sad that he is gone.

It would have been great to see him live-

he would sing ‘Wonderful Things’.

Like “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”

and she would sing Happy Birthday

and I would crown him with sparkly bling.

Thank you Maurice-

you’re the Sweetest Frenchmen in the world.

He is in a photo at piano with a famous movie star past

they were suppose to do a musical together they were cast.

I hope Maurice went to Jesus before his life’s end
I hope he made him Lord and Savior and his friend.

Written on March 22, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier

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