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Famous People Poems

Bora Bora by Suzae Chevalier


Ron Wood posted on the

“Board of Fame”

Along with other celebrities

from the US of A.

At Bora Bora’s Bloody Mary bar

you will find–

Photos of public figures

One of a Kind.

Former wife Jo and Ronnie Wood

of Rolling Stones fame

posed with Polynesian dancer

back in the day.

A photo of Neil Armstrong

Landing on the moon-

Then there is a photo of

David Copperfield by the lagoon.

He is actually next to a palm tree-

John Denver on the board

I did see-

I saw him in person with dear friend Chucky.

Jimmy Buffet did play his guitar

and a visit from a television star–

it was Pamela Anderson

who they mentioned right away-

but her photo didn’t stay.

Chuck Norris photo was not tacked like the rest-

The taxi driver drove him around I attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 9, 2015

Are You Maurice Chevalier’s Niece? by Suzae Chevalier



No more movie idols

We have to get our priorities straight on who we are going to worship. I worship God over celebrities now.

Are You Related To Maurice Chevalier?

People ask me are you related Maurice Chevalier?

I would say I am his niece-
he did not have kids I do believe.
I painted the Eiffel tower in the city

where he was born-

too sad that he is gone.

It would have been great to see him live-

he would sing ‘Wonderful Things’.

Like “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”

and she would sing Happy Birthday

and I would crown him with sparkly bling.

Thank you Maurice-

you’re the Sweetest Frenchmen in the world.

He is in a photo at piano with a famous movie star past

they were suppose to do a musical together they were cast.

I hope Maurice went to Jesus before his life’s end
I hope he made him Lord and Savior and his friend.

Written on March 22, 2011 by Suzae Chevalier



It was the year 1989

I was in my twenties looking quite fine.

Older man Dave would use pen to sign

contract to prevent envelope company

from printing my greeting card Valentine.

Harvey who wrote “Swim with the Sharks”

had a salesman I left scared in the dark.

Salesman didn’t really know

contract that says not to show.

To make this happen I went to the Secretary of State

Incorporated under Chevalier Originals as the name.

Then I bought a suite for big tall Dave

made him my Vice President,

chauffeur, butler all in one day.

Driving down highway 280 we did get lost

but luckily we found the envelope office.

Company door handle was in big gold letter M

I walked through it with Dave my friend.

Going into a board room with world map on the wall

sitting at a large board room table amazed with it all.

Then salesman walks in with himself and no pen

I pull out a fancy one which I did lend.

Then Dave, salesman and me all did sign, a Confidentiality contract

sealing this date in time!

Laughing with the a Score representative whose retired & old

He said “Envelope co. can’t touch my designs with a 10 foot pole.”

Written by Suzae Chevalier Feb. 17, 2011



Louise Fletcher All Smiles by Suzae Chevalier


Louise Fletcher smiles with cast of “Finding Home” at the Gulfstream Hotel circa 2005 photo by Sue Chevalier

Tenth Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival 2005

Louise Fletcher was all smiles.

I photographed her at the Gulfstream Hotel

festival was fun, I remember it well.

I shot photos of Louise and cast

captured on film for memories to last.

Louise was in the famous movie

“One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Louise Fletcher was at her prime-

she was nominated for best actress.

Acting in her new drama film–

“Finding Home” was no run of the mill.

I went to see her later at the preview showing

I photographed Louise again-

she was glowing.

I still have photos of her with fellow cast members

preserved in time so everyone can remember.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 31, 2011

Night Of The Dog by Suzae Chevalier

Filmed in L.A. and

shown in Palm Beach

the crew of this film

was peachy peach.

Funny film that

I did see, I photographed

the crew in West Palm Beach

also at the hotel named the Gulfstream.

Now I have photos of Jeremy, two Peters

Michael, Eshom and Ian–

These are comic Actors worth seeing.

Especially when one cast member

kissed Razel puppet on the lips–

this photo is totally hilarious!

Now catch this NIGHT OF THE DOG on DVD–

You will laugh and then you will see

this movie is worth admission times three.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 2nd 2011

Photos of Paul Anka by Suzae Chevalier

Standing near I photograph a man

who’s small in stature

but voice is grand.

Having to take many photos of

a Singing Legend with Palm Beach ladies

who all just love thee.

As the music plays on by the pool

Donald dances with Melania looking smooth & cool.

Then Maya says “Let me see what you took

Wow! Those are great, I like that look! ”

Maya is discriminatory and wants the best

she nods her head while saying

“Yes, all these photos pass my test

they all do look very fabulous! ”


Written Suzae Chevalier on Feb.4, 2011

PRAY FOR OPRAH – Poem by Suzae Chevalier


Pray for Oprah to go to Jesus Christ.

Pray for Oprah

while you still can–

We need to pray for all lost souls

Lost souls need to see the truth they should know.

The Gospel is the God’s Word
it isn’t a bunch of made up stories that you’ve heard.
Let’s give our Lord all the glory for it is His Love Story.

He is Holy and His Grand–He died for us in this land.
Do not believe what false prophet’s have said
this is a rumor that people where feed.
We need to be one body of Christ
we need to pray as a nation and not gossip and cause strife.
Misinformation is like a parasite, making people wrong and right.
God does not like gossip of mankind–
it’s is like a wire of misinformation in twisted vines.
Gossip is like a virus for lies are said–
it’s a weaves it’s stories into people’s heads.

We are made in God’s image and with our words we make a blessing

or a curse. Words can last a lifetime with a deep hurt.

Only God knows everyone’s heart and if it is sincere-

and Oprah is no exception she needs all our prayers.

We all need to make into God’s kingdom and be sincere.

Written by Suzae Chevalier in 2011

updated on March 1 and 25, 2019

Palm Beach Today Photographer 2005

In 2005 had found-
a duplex in West Palm
Close to downtown.
I went a cross the bridge
To work for Michael’s café-
Ended up working for
Palm Beach Today.
I started out stuffing their
Newspapers with big colorful ads
Then Ron wanted me
To take photographs.
My first assignment
Was the Palm Beach Pet Parade—
Dogs and owners dressed
in costumes looking
cool in the shade.
Photos in the Gucci Courtyard
Were interesting and fun
I took a photo of a lady and her
Dog kissing towards the sun.
That photo landed me the job
The job of being a photographer
With the hob knobs.
I went to the Breakers hotel
shot a trunk show.
It was for the Schumacher family
the one’s with the Chevy cars-
The Shiny Sheet photographers
were on me, not very far.
I took photosof the Kanaris wedding
engagement party-photographed at the
Mar-A-Largo Clubvery interesting.
It was a fascinating
On Easter to take Donald Trump, and his wife

with Ron and Maya looking divine.

Paul Anka outside by pool

with Palm Beach ladies looking so cool.–

Regis ran off before  Maya could

4 months in time-
some places I visited

were very sublime.
Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 11,2015