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It is autumn now with leafless trees

I spot a deer plain as can be

In the north woods where bears roam free.

I slowly look notice a beautiful scene.

For more baby deer come about

I’m with my dog I don’t want to shout.

I reach for my phone and take a snap

this is the one, my one last chance.

I snap it before the deer start to prance.

Then a cool wind starts to blow-

I shiver and feel very cold

I’m so happy there is no snow.

I begin to run along the road

keeping my dog TaShieka close and in tow.

I’m exhausted but happy for I

can make a greeting card

the one with the deer is cutest by far!

updated on March 6,2019

A Friend In Autumn by Suzae Chevalier


I met Autumn in the summer of 2003

she is in Callie now happy and carefree.

She is was a Hut studio artist back in the day

she looked like Drew Barrymore in everyway.

She gave me the green bridesmaid outfit

which I wore to promote me in Mn Fringe

Thank you Autumn, you are a sweet friend.

Nice to meet your mother and get dolled up

for the camera with Alan by the palm trees

it was great photos to put on my website.

Happy day to you out west-

that will be the state I will visit next.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 27, 2015

updated on March 6, 2019